Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend photography course with Nikonian Academy

Some of you may be're currently using a Canon 40D, why join a Nikon fler's course. Wanna be a two headed snake isit??
The answer is simple. Canon do not have any courses available in Kuantan, and for that matter.....not in the whole East Coast region. Why?? Go ask those Canon flers. Not enough supporters? We East Coast flers not good enough for them to spend time 2 days guiding and teaching us to use your product...which is way more expensive than Nikon's btw. Any other reasons including these two to me are simply unacceptable. Having spent a huge sum of my hard earned salaries on my DSLR + lens + bag + other nifty jingles (which cost me a hefty 10 grand ok), I would expect Canon to be more pro-active. I am sure that there are many Canon DSLR users that would want a course or two in our region besides Klang Valley, Penang, Melaka and Johor. 
Having said that, I had no choice but to join other Nikon buddies for the weekend in Duta Sands Resort, Kuantan. The course extensively covers everthing about Nikon product. The sifus ie Andrew and Sean from Nikonian Academy (both are academy directors btw) taught the how to, what to, which to, when to use different settings for different occasions. Of course, the common terms used such as ISO (pronounced as "eye-so"), aperture, shutter speed, bokeh, composition, and framing were used, so I didn't feel like a green-liquid-spongy-thingy from outer space. 
We spent 2 days covering the aspects from Beginners to Intermediate and Flash Photography. And all I can say is......IT WAS BLARDY FUN!! I had such a marvellous time hanging around with other enthusiasts, learning and sharing with them the joys of snapping just about everything under the sun. And to top the icing, we were presented with two ahem! delicious models to shoot with.
This is Jeslyn.......(she's much like the Jap GT babe!! *salivates*)


and this is Angeline (at 1st glance, I thought she was a Malay. She's actually of Chinese-Indian heritage, which explains her beautiful facial bone structure *drools*)


and here are some of my favourite shots taken during the course...enjoy!!


and last but not least check out my flickr for more shots of these two beautiful ladies :)


check out my flickr for more shots of these two beautiful ladies :)


Anonymous said...

No bloody camera could make me look HAWT liddat. Next time u snap my pic when we met or sth, kindly photoshop em. Wouldn't want ppl to mistake me for a plywood. HUHUHU

Anonymous said...

Aiks, forget to scold u pulak... u don't go menggatal horrr, bro. if very gatal, must tell me... I give you some ubat for your itchiness! LOL... the most beautiful creature you could snap is your wife... lol... pregnant woman usually look pretty and radiant. :-P

Anonymous said...

fabulous shots man!
i so wanna get a dslr lol..
but wait get money first..hehe..

amoker said...

hahah.. that is good.
Wah, so terror.
Got clamped by 2 ladies..

kruel74 said...

Now I wanna buy a DSLR! I didn't know got models one...

Kellaw said...

i tell your wife lol. drooling. lol

eunice said...

wa.. really eye candies for u. is ur wife reading ur blog now? lol :P

Regarding my blog post, I dunno about casino, that is just an advertisment for me to publish only hehe

Jasonmumbles said...


Me 16k.

suituapui said...

You went for the photography or for the chicks? And with your wife in the family way! Bad, bad boy!!! You need a good spanking! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

rachel here :everyone!i'm fine here,and i'm ok with my hubby take photo with pretty model....also he is much much "pretty" then the 2 ladies at the last shoot!hahaha....

reanaclaire said...

hehe... yeah, i agree with u.. he looks more sexy than the other 2 models...

Raynebow said...

Wowww...what a fantastic time u must have had! Fabulous shots. Ehh... u can pose better than the models wor!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

sorry guys for the late reply. been kinda busy lately, photography really digs into my time now... :)

clef, my wifey understands the gatal-ness comes and goes...lolz. so for her, no big deal. neways, she trusts me, i do too....hahaha

kenwooi, for now i dont think the prices of dslrs would be dropping due to the fluctuation of the yen. but you can always try a look out for 2nd hand ones. much cheaper for a start.

amoker, not always mah.....this one paid for already... lol

kruel74, it comes with the one dslr, get two models fre...lolz

kellaw, my wife knows about it....nenenenene *slips out tongue*

eunice...oh i see. they paid you for it??

jason, 2nd hand kancil d ler... :P

stp, of course lar for the chicks.....hahahaha

anonymous (the mrs btw), me prettier than the girls means me pondan??!! *shrieks*

reana, not to mention my fabulicious hot bod....comes with free 2 spare

raynebow, i was the art director before....hahahaha

Agnes Sim said...

OMG..ur pose is so....hehe

Calvin Soo KJ said... leng chai ler....lolz