Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More from Ah Beng....

The heat was up this morning, and I've managed to cool off by intentionally making myself busy with work and having tea with my clients. At least for a while. The series of unfortunate events this morning left me with additional investments from my clients today, and I managed to exceed my monthly target. So, I'm kinda cheerful now. So......let's pull off the gloomy faced Rainman and bring back my keraazzeeeee self with more posts on jokes. These brought back my jolli-ness, and I hope it does the same for you :-
Ah Beng bought a new mobile.
He sent a message to everyone from his phone book and it reads "My mobile no has changed. Earlier, it was Nokia it is 6610."
Ah Beng : I am very proud. My son is in Medical College.
Friend : Oh really. Congratulations. What is he studying?
Ah Beng : He is not studying, they are studying him.
Ah Beng : Doctor, in my dreams, I play football everynight.
Doctor : It's not serious. Take this tablet and you will be ok.
Ah Beng : Can I take it tomorrow? Today is the finals.
Ah Beng : If I die, will you remarry?
Wife : No. I will stay with my sister....but if I die, would you remarry?
Ah Beng : No, I will also stay with your sister.
Ah Beng : Seng, people consider me as "GOD".
Ah Seng : Oh really, why is that?
Ah Beng : I went to the park again this evening, everybody said "Oh my God....You Again??!"
Ah Beng complained to the police, "All items in my house is missing, except for my TV." The police said "How can that be?" Ah Beng replied "I was watching news on TV."
How do you reconize Ah Beng in school?
He is the one who erases all the notes from his book, when the teacher erases the board.
Once, Ah Beng had a glove on one hand and not the other. So, a man asked him why he did so. He replied that the weather forecast announced that on one hand it would be cold and on the other hand, it would be hot.
Ah Beng : Go and water the plants!!
Servant : But it is raining.
Ah Beng : So what?? Take an umbrella and go!!
A friend asked Ah Beng, why Pak Lah (Ahmad Badawi) goes jogging in the evening and not in the morning. Ah Beng replied "Becoz Ahmad Badawi is PM not AM....haih!!"


fufu said...

lmao... *o*

BlurryLeo said...

Ah Beng got into his super hero suit. He proudly shouted "It's Super Beng" .. Guess what's the name of his high tech car to fight against crime? It's called .. *** drum rolls *** "the Bengmobile" ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL....din know got Ah beng jokes also... good for ya that you have cleared your targets.

resident.wangsamaju said...

UI, come to kl la. Everyday raining.

amoker said...

kah kah .... PM not AM.

yeah, when are u coming to KL
? can meet up for food.

suituapui said...

Heard the one where the teacher asked Ah Beng, "What is 1..." putting up her right index finger, " one?" putting up her left index finger. Ah Beng looked at the two fingers...and answered, "11!" LOL!!

Malaysian Joe said...

aiyo.... old ah beng jokes but never bored of reading it again and again... LOL!

eugene said...

you made my day,bro. Read it sometimes ago,but still nice reading it here,,,,,,,,

Kikey Loo said...

i never read them before, thanks!! i like them..

p/s: I am now back in London, i was in Paris for 10 days. :)

Anonymous said...

=.= ah beng so sot wan. LOL... nice one, bro.