Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainman in the Star Metro

I got a phone call early this morning from a brother (Eddy) from Church.
Eddy : Bro, still asleep ar?
Me : Yalar.....why? *snort*
Eddy : Which newspaper do you read ar?
Me : The Star.....zzzzzzzzz
Eddy : Go and check out Metro's centrefold.
Me : What for??
Eddy : Aiya.....go check out lar. Ok, go back to sleep.
Dragging my half dead legs, I went downstairs to look for the paper, and lo and behold, yours truly's humongous face was featured there. The article reads "Bringing Life to Easter Festivity". Most of the pictures were the children painting easter eggs and mine was with the choir. We call ourselves Wesley Methodist Church Immanuel Choir. You could also check The Star Online > Metro South East > last article (but the picture of Rainman can only be found in the papers). Go check it out, if you're not too lazy :)
Here's some of the pictures that were taken during our Church's Easter Cantata.


30 strong Wesley Methodist Church Kuantan's Immanuel Choir


I was singing tenor


See, again :) I think I was the youngest in the group *grins*


Immanuel Choir's groupie shot with Pastor Joshua


The three stooges, from left : Me, Francis and Jessel

All in all, in was a fantastic event. The groupie was really anxious a day earlier coz practice was far from good. Pastor reminded us that this Easter Cantata is not merely a performance. It was our own worship to God. We sang our heart out, did a good job and I believe, God did touched some souls out there. There was a song entitled "Calvary Was For Me" and we featured a clip from The Passion Of Christ. It was a heartfelt worship altogether and we just couldn't wait for Christmas's Cantata. Have a blessed weekend :)

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In His great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..."1 Peter 1:3


Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! Take photo with old people...and it will make you look SO young! Hahahahaha!!! Thought u in newspapers - wanted dead or alive! LOL!!!

reanaclaire said...

wah... wei...famous chor...
pssst... can sign autograph for me??

Pete said...

Wah Bro, congrats man! Will check out the papers. You look great in the pictures! Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

Josephine said...

Famous jor!
Don forget about me ya...

Kikey Loo said...

i can very easy spot u in pictures!! :p

Anonymous said...

haha nice..
i also wanna be on paper!! rawrr!!

eugene said...

Hey bro, send me one of your photos, i will keep it, who knows it wil worth a million one day, when you became super star..

well done bro

Anonymous said...

wah..bro!! you're on the way to stardom!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, at first i tot i was....lolz

reana, sure-sure....*signsign* here you go :)

pete, thanks bro.

jo, many people will know that is me. so fehmus only in my church and you guys only lor...heheheh

kikey, becoz of my huge

kenwooi, try robbing a bank. sure front page one....hahaha

eugene, can take from my blog ler....:P

chrisau, not going to be another brad pitt anytime soon *grins*

Anonymous said...

Woots... u famous liao!