Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Discover the Rainman...

OMG!!! OMG !!! OMG!!! OMG!!! My good buddy Lee posted these photos on FB. These photos were taken more than 10 years ago, with me looking dead thin...not so prosperous, so to speak :P

from left to right :- Ah Miao (keyboard), Lee (bass), myself (drums), Ah Yan (guitars), Ah Hou (lead vocals), Ah Chun (lead guitarist) and the only female in our group See Wan (keyboards)......see, back then i have a neck...lolz
This was the original band I was with. We named ourselves "Ablaze"...kinda sound like a Cina Apek band. We joined Guinness Canto Rock back in 1995 and got 4th placing nationwide. Not bad for 6 lalas and 1 ah lian from Kuantan....hahaha. The MC mispronounced our name as "Ah-Bla-Zee"...and so we were known as that. The group disbanded though. Both the keyboardists were kidnapped to God knows where, and the rest of us are semi-retired. We do get together once in a while banging our heads off. All of us are married now, except for Lee who's getting engaged later this year. 

The four Ah Peks during rehearsals in Ah Lau's studio called Melody Music & Sound located in Kompleks Teruntum. I wasn't in the picture though coz I took the picture. See the date of the pic.....11 Dec 1995. Gosh...how time flies. Back then, we had to settle with borrowing the guitars from Ah Lau. Now, we all have our own little instruments.

Me and Lee during the Bank's family trip to Genting. Damn....I was thin. So was Lee. Notice my lala sunglasses bought for RM10 from Temerloh. Good deal ma....buy one free one..hahaha

When we were still bujang-ing....we often celebrate our birthdays together. Lee's was on the 5th and mine was ont he 4th August. This was taken during our birthday karaoke session. Notice the hair......back then, it was the in thing to do...middle partition...hahaha. 
And now look at us.....Lee was my bestman last 28 June. And I have no neck....wth!! Hair also getting balder......hahahaha. 

....and now we named ourselves The Uncle Band. This was during my wedding dinner. The band played....for free of course. We invited a keyboardist Chee Keong (yellow shirt) and Edmund "Siu Fu" (with the Liverpool shirt....yuck!!)
The new addition to the band was of course my darling wife Rachel, who is just a fanatic fan. :) Thanks darling for sticking up with my drums banging almost every night. And oh....I've taken up bass now. So not so much of noise pollution. 


vertigonick said...

A Bla zee!!! LOL!

eugene said...

he ha, you rock man,canton pop, wa wa you chun betul lah,but sometimes it is nice to look back at our old photos, they sure bring back a lot of good memeories to us,

you changed a bit (trying to be nice) but i could still spot you, right on,
so tell me what is your one most favourite cantonese song,,,,sing it upload it you tube and share with us, who knows,you might be the star of Kuatan Got Talent,,

your pictures just brought smiles to my face really,now we know how times flies..

Calvin Soo KJ said...

vertigo, should be "ah-pek-zee"...lolz

eugene, i cant sing canto/mandarin songs coz im a banana....hehehehe. most chinese rock groupie would play beyond and taichi's songs, so did we. then we moved on to instrumental rock when our lead vocalist so called retired....now we play songs from joe satriani, jan cyrka, chris botti, dream theater etc... :)

suituapui said...

Aiyor! Last time so slim, so handsome! Time has been so cruel to you...! Hahahahahaha!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, yalor.....haih!! :P

annant said...

they say married man will sure fak fok one...
i guess they are so right! :P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

annant, i fat fok even before my marraige....lolz. diet has not been in my vocabulary for ages. have to relook my dictionary...hahaha

Jairo said...

kool band la bro!!! hahahahahahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

Well... it shows that wifey is taking real good care of you.... feel blessed..

Grace said...

haha in your birthday karaoke photo, it looks like you're wishing for something very important!

and then the next photos are of you getting married hahah :D coincidence?

GregChai said...

you rock bro :D

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jairo, it WAS cool when I was very much younger. nowadays, picking up the drum sticks also gives my a headache....lolz. thanks :)

mjoe, or was it the other way round...hahaha

grace, i was actually wishing for millions of dollars. i ended up having to pay thousands for my marriage... :P *whispers* dont tell my wife

ungreg, yah *sticks out tongue*

fufu said...

hahahha... great! but dont get fatter anymore... try to do more exercise.. for you own good ok?

come on follow me... one more two more three more..... =)

you can play those instruments!! i am so jealous... i always wish i could play any music instrument >.<

Rashai said...

Old pictures always bring back tonne of memories, back then did you ever imagine that you would become a 'fat uncle' :)

Happy Easter too bro..

curryegg said...

Hey Calvin!
Coool photos.. haha.. Didn't know you are in a band.. cool! And I guess that's why Rachel fall for you? :P

amoker said...

Ablaze... is it a christian band? anyway, nice pics .. brings nostalgian eh?

resident.wangsamaju said...

Think my fav canto rock (sorry not pop) was Beyond.

Fav canto pop is Wynners cos they are still playing today.

Why do best men always look the same? I've just attended two weddings and the best man looks like that guy in the pic.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

fufu, one more two more three more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... lol

rashai, i know i was going fat...but not this fat...hahaha

curryegg, well....what can i say, i have an attractive butt...hahah

amoker, nope. it's a typical cina apek band. and yes, it brings back fond memories...mostly skinny ones....lol

residentwangsamaju, most chinese love beyond coz they set the rock scene in hongkong. and yes, wynners is still one of my fav. love their songs, all with meaningful lyrics. we look the same meh....got a pair of eyes, one huge nose, one mouth and wearing specs....yahor :P

Shinky said...

Wahaha.. Do you still do the "Beyond" thingy? =))