Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Camp at Summerset Resort, Rompin

Our "Merdeka" weekend was an eventful one. My family and I signed up for our Church's family camp held at Summerset Resort, Rompin, Pahang from the 30th till 1st September. We were afraid that Rach wasn't able to attend due to her recent operation, but thank God for her speedy recovery, she was up and running around as usual in just 3 days.
The drive from Kuantan took us about 1 1/2 hours and reached our destination at about 3.30pm.
We checked in and noted a strange smell coming from our room....its room no 158 btw. We informed the reception and was told that a part of the resort had been closed for some months now due to the lack of bookings. They have just revamped and upgraded their services and is actively promoting their resort in Pahang. They guaranteed that the bedsheets and pillows are new, but not the carpets and curtains....which explained the smell. We were in luck because we brought a Ridsect spray (for mosquito war at nite!!!) but instead, we used it to cover the smell.
Our cost for the whole duration of the camp is RM250 per pax, very reasonable considering having 3 meals a day and a huge swimming pool. Dinner on the 1st day was terrible.....some too much salt and another tasteless. We made a complaint to the F&B Manager and he promised to look into it.....and he did. Breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day wasn't fantastic, but was to our liking. But disspointingly, we didnt have much sleep from all the squeky noise coming from the ceiling. At first, I thought it was something haunting me.....gave me the shivers. But it turned out that the noise was coming from the water pipes. Other families was "haunted" as
Overall, Rach and I enjoyed the camp very much. We bonded with other family members and church members as well. Afterall, the theme for the camp is "Together In Christ". We played games, danced, act, swam and joked with each other. Here are some pictures that Rach and i took for your viewing pleasure :-

"Together In Christ" is this year's family camp theme.
The camp layout, events, dos and donts, as well as names of team members

Dinner time

from top left : my sis, my mum, Lay Wah, Su Ann's niece
bottom from left : Rachel and Su Ann

Me and Rach

Me and Francis....what were we thinking?

Doing the chicken two nieces, Phoebe in green and Nichol in white/blue

Do the chicken dance as well

Only in the 2nd game and i was already to buck up

2 banana and 1 cucumber cucumber fell off

Trying to stuff those damn cucumbers in between my thighs

My bro in law Jeff doing the cucumber as well, his team won....schmucks

Me bogelling in my room.....ey, damn hot and tired you know. Looky me, I have


Pete said...

Looks like fun. Ha ha, the last photo xxxx lorr!

cleffairy said...

Looks like a nice trip you had there. Family bonding time, so fun!

Eh, your mom looks very sweet. She must be a very pretty during her youth. Her pic got my attention. :-D

By the way, the cucumber game looks pretty perverted to me. :-S I must go wash my brain liao....too dirty.

Roses said...

family bonding in church...

couldnt be better. get closer with others get closer with God... =)

the bogel pic damn cute...okay, now i go threaten my dad for such photo...

glad to see that Rach is dealing fine post-op... =)

Amjan said... ada tilanjang dlm gambar ooo....bodylicious...hmmm...