Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drum sifu wannabe...

Wanna learn how to drum....no not hum, drum. No, not drumming on your beer bellies...on actual drums. How?......Yes, yes I know. You can't find one class in your town. For KL flers, this may not be a problem. But for other small towns...say like Kuantan, Seremban, Kemaman, Kerteh....most East Coast region states do not have a proper drum clinic that you can go to. How can I learn at home? Here's what you can do. Learn the basics of drumming rudiments. What the heck is that? "Rudiments" if you look thru thesaurus simply means basics, essentials, fundamentals....etc. Firstly, stroke play (dont think dirty ok).
There are various types stroke play. Im gonna teach you the 1st one, which is the single stroke roll. All you need is a drum pad (you can buy this from a local music store or make 'em). How to make 'em. Simple.......1stly, buy a chopping board (preferably to wood ones). Then try to get a used bicycle tube (cut em to square pcs 15cm x 15cm) and nail em on the board and voila!!! you get a self made drum pad. And next, of course you need a pair of decent drum sticks. If you wanna have a good one, then Id advise you to get Pro-mark, Vater or Zildjian drumsticks. Costs you about RM40. Ok.......single stroke roll. Simple, just follow this :-
(R=Right Hand, L=Left Hand)
Consistently hit the drum pad from your right to left to right to left....(if you have a metronome, for those who once played piano, then you can set the speed of your stroke)
example below

This concludes our first lesson. Now pay me my money....... :P


Roses said...

hey, playing drum was my childhood dream. too bad, my mom said "girls dont mess with drums"...and worst still, i got that part into me...
i always imagine, me, behind a band..head banging away on the drums and have crowds cheering away...

it's hard huh?? u need to have a sensitive ears...and all 4 limbs have to work simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Calvin...why so stingy ah? Pay u money? We very poor wan u know? Pok kai liao. Ahahaha... neway, drummers are cool. I dunno how they can do that! Must be a hell of practice.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

roses, at 1st it is difficult to control all four limbs. but, as you progress, then it shouldnt be much of a problem. speed will come eventually. but most of all the professionals started at a very young age, say about 7-8 years old.

clef, initially when i 1st started drumming, my main purpose was for glamour...you know lar, all boys school, always visit girls school for prefect day. gotto to show off some skills. i have no wash board tummy...so drumming is the way to go....didnt know i end up playing drums for more than 16 years now.....lol.

vertigonick said...

LOL.. stroke play. if u didn't mention it, i wouldn't think 'the other way' haha. Musical terms are funny. F-holes (2 'f' shaped holes carved into the side of violins) and of course, the G-string.

i play piano for glamour too! And thx to jay chou for making guy pianists look SO GOOD. XD

i think girl bass players are hawt.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

vertigo, i knew it. someone would be thinking dirty...lol. so you play piano, good for you bro. i played piano till grade 4 only. now forgot all the notes and rest counts. stopped because the piano teacher very kanasai. use the edge of ruler to knock on my fingers. now she see me got scared of my size...hahaha

vertigonick said...

hehe. guess im extremely lucky then. my piano teacher also had the 'ruler treatment' when she was young, so she vowed to NEVER do it to her students ahaha..