Thursday, September 11, 2008

My amateurish photos...yikes!!!

Ahem.....these are some of the pictures that I took from my "baby". Very least for now..hehehe. These are random pictures of Bigdaddy's farewell dinner, the the stuff that Rachel bought when she was in Taiwan...oh, and some stuff that I ate at church last Sunday. Hope that you dont puke over these pictures.....anyways, here goes..

Cheeky Ayu and Wendy at Hotel Grand Continental buka puasa cum Bigdaddy's farewell dinner

Prawny, prawny

Wendy eating her stuff.......eeyyeerrrr!!!!

Dont really know what the heck was these...but it sure taste good

Monkey stuff toy all the way from Taiwan

Rubber Chicken that squeaks when you squeeze addition, there's a hole in the butt which splurted egg like dung!

Candies bottled in plastic "shit" goblets

Famous Ngau Kok Pau....taste like ngau kok pau lah!!!

Dont be fooled by this small has a plum flavour and has 25% alcohol

These are the actual items that Rach bought from cost less than RM1.5K, quite reasonable I must say. But of all the stuff, guess which items are mine... :P)

Funny looking kinda shirt. But in Taiwan, its kinda "the" in thingy

Goes good with bermudas as well as jeans.....but (warning to Rachel) because it's damn "pok", better wear something outside to cover her assets

Bluish bling-bling

I Love Me Too

Layered skirts...a bit hit in Taiwan. But better becareful when the great wind blows.....

And finally....the rubber chicken stole the show....hehehe
Notice the blurish effect on my pictures. Have to lar. The files to big so have to kecik kan. Otherwise will take me ages to upload.
So macam's my pictures. I cant comment for myself mah. Otherwise, you all will say Im More coming time with some landscapes and foodies. Cheers!!!


Pete said...

Wah, Bro you very 'keng' already with the camera lorrr. Can see Wendy's 2 moles clearly leh! LOL

cleffairy said...

=.= men...or rather husbands! When we wives wear sexy, you tell us to cover up. *sigh* but you men love sexy things, because you men obviously will ogle at sexy pretty women on the streets. We wear make up, den you say too attractive, later people see. But when we complain you all ogle other women, you say us jealous. Aiyo brader, macam mana tak jealous. We also need to feel beautiful and sexy and let you husbands ogle at us wives wan ma. If we feel beautiful and appreciated den we wun feel so intimidated by other sexy women wan ma.

Aiyo!*sigh sigh sigh* So susah to be people's wife. This cannot, that too short, tis too transparent. *SIGH*

LOL...anyway, I see Rachel bought a lot of nice stuff from Taiwan. Darn...if only i can go shopping like that too. :-D

Nice pics you have there, Calvin, you might want to watermark it so taht people won't steal it from you. :-D

garfield said...

calvin, it seems like u are using auto a lot, try to use fully manual, play with the shuttle speed and aperture, the result will be very nice. if not, really wasted this nice camera...

and by the way dun depends on the lcd of the camera too much, use the view finder, it will be more accurate

Amjan said...

mana gambor aku nie...balik2 gambor wendy jer...he he he...

Malaysian Joe said...

whoa garfield.. you must be a photog yourself! yeah.. Calvin, go manual its more exciting...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete : no "keng" lah..."kengkong" lol

clef : not all men like that lar.....from last time im very conservative, no hair colouring, no perming, no sexy dresses, no excessive makeup....etc. my style oso conservative mah. simple and nice. eh....if you really want to go shopping, Taiwan is the place. Rach told me its because her luggage is not big enuff. otherwise, she'll be swipping away my cc and i'll be left dead with the payments...hehehe. ive tried to put my watermark but dun know how. not exactly IT savvy....can teach me?

garfield : yup, i know. manual more fun. but malas lah. some more with my spectacles, found it a little difficult to focus properly...hehehe. btw, how to put watermark on my photos?

amjan : mane aku ada snap gambar nko....kalau ade pun dah delete...hehehe

mjoe : ive tried manual already. hard to focus. but the prawns pictures was manually snapped. the rest all auto. gotto go for better lenses lah. cant do much with the 18-55mm lenses. any good buy?

Roses said...

yeah. you should put watermark if you are gonna use that high-tech baby to take nice picture in the future....
pstt: i dont know how to do it either...anybody, care to teach??

Rachel bought a lot of stuff..and i notice she has a liking towards white too!!! hahahha..i like the red sling bag..but most of all, can i kidnap the chicken?!?! so cute can

i guess u need lotsa practice with that camera so that the technology equalize your skill..*ahem*

cleffairy said...

LOL... I think I'll leave it to garfield to explain it to you on how to watermark it. I am not exactly an IT savvy person either. i know how to do it, but have no idea on how to explain it. =.=

My god! i cannot imagine what hell is on loose if Rachel, Rose and myself were to go to Taiwan to shop. i think our bank account would be crying. Hahaha. Right Rose?

I like the white blouse *drool* so sexy!!! :-D but I'll definitely be waiting for the blue moon if i tell my hubby I wanna wear that sexy lil thing outside. :-( Kanasai ooo!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

roses : actually, rach is more into black. but since she already has tonnes of black blouses and skirts, i advised her but other coloured items. otherwise, she might become a mosquito magnet...hahaha. i practically practising everyday with "baby". im gonna go to the seaside this evening. hopefull able to capture some stunning landscape pictures.

clef : then i'll just have to wait for garfield's response. well, i guess if all three of you were to go to taiwan together, you might not even want to come back. rach is already planning for her next trip, most probably this year end. *crying* all my money......huahua. but then again, i'll be going as well. better save now and burn them later. your hubby's kinda conservative too huh? i tot kl people are so open, that everything can be opened....publicly :P

garfield said...

i will soon write a tutorial article about how to put watermark on photos for u guys.

i planned to write about 3 different method for u all to choose.

by the way, calvin, u can actually buy the view finder cap to replace to ur camera, it is for those who wear spec, coz u can choose the power of the glass which it is attached to the view finder cap.

u will be very enjoy if u see the pictures when u take those pictures manually. this is y i love my old manual slr, lol

cleffairy said...

Him? Bah, humbug! Probably as protective and as conservative like you. I kinda err...dun like to go shopping for clothes with him. Because of the " Eh, this one too jarang...that one too short, this? This cannot, this is too transparent, can see thru...aiyo, this one where can, can see bra straps."

Each time, I'll end up not buying anything. Humph!

In my case...only mind can be opened. LMAO. But wud to do lah, I tink most wives oso got protective husbands like this. I think you're protective of Rachel too. :-P

OH MY GAWD!*roll eyes* Nvm, at least he wun dare to wear anything sissy and fluorescent pink like Kenny I'm okay with all the protectiveness. Whahaha... if he dress me up, den he'll have to allow me to dress him up. Like this fair ma....Ahahahaha.

You're actually right. If I have a lot of money, and join Rose and Rachel in Taiwan... I'll probably apply citizenship there. *bling bling* So many cute and nice stuff.

Josephine said...

I want those shoes... very very cheap!!!
I also want the gau kok pau...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, ok oredy. learned from the ori canon software. thanks for your help though.

clef, im not overly protective. rach usually do not buy those revealing clothes. only evening gowns which im ok with. my sis oredy marah me....she said your wife got boobs dont want to show, people got no boobs you know how hard to show??? then i say ok lor....aiya, ladies oso susah. when we dun say anything, you all say we men blind and mute ah, when we talked too much, you say we never listen......susah, susah. but lucky me.....rach knows my character, and i know hers. so we often give and fuss, no arguing.....peace to the world!!! hehehe

jo, i oso want!!!!! but all she bought was for herself..*sigh*. cheap ler.....then you should make a trip down to taiwan yourself lor. maybe, one day, we can all meet up and go to taiwan together-gether.......then we can all go pokai together as as for the ngau kok pau, sorry. ive eaten them all..*smirks* ..HAHAHAHa!!!!

Malaysian Joe said...

not too sure but I think canon you have quite a healthy range of lenses to choose from.. :).

Garfield, maybe you can start a photog blog to teach ppl how to take pics!