Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some more of my snaps

These shots were taken from my mum's garden....there's a whole lot of orchids but since it was getting dark last evening, these were the only ones that was clear. I did some editing using Canon's software....a lil' but complicated but managed to at last. Still very amateurish I must say. Ive started to take photography quite seriously and signed up for a week's course in Kuantan....for free!!!!. Tommorrow will be my 1st day with a pro photographer. Hopefull, I'll be able to grasp as much info as possible. Anyways, I know my blog is getting kinda boring. Not much stuff but my so called "photos"......but I really do need your comments on these so that I can improve and blog about other things other than my photos. So....please, please bear with me for this week and I'll be my goodself next week....hehehee

Not sure what kind of orchids are these....but they sure looked beautiful
Another kind of flower in my mum's garden.

This is NOT a flower.......we had garlic bread and some other junk food for Bible Study last nite.
Tonite, I'll be heading for one of my church buddy's house warming "party"......not much of a party but more of a home blessing. Tonnes of food and games. And Rach is still bragging to all about her so much fun in Taiwan. Making me furious with jealousy.....eerrrrr!!!!! Takpe, takpe.....I'll be going there soon. Anyone wanna join? We can go bankrupt together-gether.
Cant wait for the 16th September.....wonder what would happen with the new "reformasi".....


Pete said...

Bro,nice pictures you got there. Hv a nice weekend.

suituapui said...

Those orchids are called "golden showers". My mum used to grow a lot or orchids...but not me! So lazy! She used to give me...but they all died eventually! LOL!!!

cleffairy said...

You knoe, Calvin, of all the flower piccies...I like the last one in particular. Ahahaa... dang, I'm hungry, excuse me, I go take bfast before i cont to be a pig on my bed. :-P

cc said...

I like the second picture. Nice depth of field. :)

Malaysian Joe said...

hmmm... day 4 still actively busy with your cam.. ;).

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete...thanks. could've been much better.

stp, ya. got the info from my mom this morning. i have no interest in gardening as well...just once in a while, if my mom's busy, then i'll water the plants for her.

clef, i love those too. flowers smelling like garlic. i think i chase rachel

cc, thanks. took quite a number of shots before i got to this.

mjoe, i'll be very busy till i get dead bored of photography. but, this few days damn busy. everything oso last minute. stupid customers....eeiiiiii, geram!!!! kanasai!!!!

garfield said...

dunno y, once started on playing photography, will be addicted to it.
i also wasted lots of money b4 this on the films and develop the pictures...

now i only use a normal digicam and switch to manual mode, can save a lot money. but still, feel not as syok as using slr camera.

i can tell u that u will not bored of photography 1, once u see the results of ur work is becoming more and more better, u will try something new and continue explore.

this is how i get addicted to photography. :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, already addicted to it. just bought an additional lens canon 70-200mm for lanscaping...cost me RM1k, also got a flash gun for rm850.....already sweating to the bones. but my mrs says that its much better than golf, coz she can borrow my camera..hehehe

garfield said...

wah lau e, u so willing to spend ar?
last time i just borrow those lens when i need only.

by the way, for slr camera, nikon is better than canon, coz nikon lens is more sharp. canon is good for snap fast speed photo such as those sport pictures.