Friday, September 26, 2008

What to do if stopped by a Malaysian police

This post was taken from my mail quite some time ago. Rachel asked me the question on what to do if you're stopped by our Malaysian police and I decided to share with all of you. I'm not trying to scare anyone here but many tragic assaults have been happening by the "so-called policemen", they're dressed in sheep clothings but they're actually the wolves.
This is is very useful information. Please pass it on to your friends and family, especially the women folk!The next time you are stopped by persons who claimed they are plain clothes police, you are under no obligation to answer their questions or follow their orders, lawyers told Malaysiakini today.
’Policeman who is not wearing his uniform does not have the authority to stop anyone,' lawyer and human rights activist Sivarasa Rasiah said.
Sivarasa was commenting on the alleged gang-rape of an 18-year-old Uni student by four men claiming to be police officers on New Year's Eve. The girl said that her car was stopped in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in Kuala Lumpur and were asked by the men to open the car bonnet. She was then told that she had committed an offence and ordered to follow the men to a police station. The girl was driven in her car along the North-South expressway to the Tapah-Cameron Highlands road before she was raped in an oil palm estate.
This incident, and many others, have sparked confusion over the procedures which motorists must follow when flagged down by the police. The most common problem is that most people take instructions without determining if the other person is really a cop,' lawyer Annie Santiago said.
However, if you are stopped by a uniformed policeman, then you are required to stop. But you need not get out of the car because you are not expected to do so, Santiago said. He other rule to follow is to provide your identity card only when you are asked to do so. 'Even then, you should get his ID first to confirm if he is a cop. There is no harm in calling the relevant police station to verify if he is supposed to be on duty that day,' Sivarasa said.
Both lawyers said that motorists should never follow an officer to the police station unless one is under arrest . 'If you are not sure, and your instincts tell you that something is wrong, then drive off to the nearest police station and lodge a report,' Sivarasa said.
In response to the alleged gang-rape of the 18-year-old, Women's Aid Organisation executive-secretary Ivy Josiah called on the police to launch an education program to teach the public about their rights to prevent them from being victimised by bogus police officers.
Procedures to follow in the event you are stopped by uniformed police Officers while driving:
1. Stop the car and wind down your window.
2. If the police officers ask for your documents, request to see their IDs first.
3. If you are satisfied about their identity, ask them if you are being summoned, and for what offence.
4. Produce your identity card and driver's license and wait to collect your summon ticket.
In the event that the police officers ask you to follow them to the police station:
1. Ask if you are under arrest and for what offence.
2. If you are not under arrest, you have the right to leave.
In the event you are flagged down by persons you believe could be plain clothes police:
1. Do not stop because plain clothes police officers do not have the authority to stop you.
2. Drive to the nearest police station and lodge a report (the same procedure applies to pedestrians).
In the event the police come to your house:
1. Do not let them in before checking their IDs.
2. If you are not satisfied, phone the nearest police station and confirm if they had been sent to your house.
3. You are under no obligation to allow them into the house if they don't have a search warrant.
4. Do not go with them if you are not under arrest.
In the event persons who claimed to be plain clothes police come to your house:
1. Do not let him in because they do not have the authority to do so.
2. Lodge a report at the nearest police station.
I trust this post may be of some use to my readers as they were to me.


TNH said...

Haha..easy...take out all my money in my wallet..left RM10 that they can't get more

Calvin Soo KJ said...

tnh, yah. but it very dangerous. if those bagers are violent, they'll end up killing. very siao people nowadays. thanks for dropping by....cheers and god bless.

Pete said...

Thks for the info, Bro.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, no prob. got it from my mail for quite some time oredy.

Kikey Loo said...

last time i asked the policeman show his ID, he was get mad, he treat us even more rude. He told my brother ur sister very pandai ar, wanna ask for ID some more, blar-blar..... they get very angry! sigh.. i hate Malaysian policeman.

Anonymous said...

Kikey, that kind of police are bastards... :-(

Calvin, this is definitely useful. Thank you for sharing. have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

When talk about police, what drinks you will think about?

When talk about Starbucks or coffee shop, which uniform unit you will think about?

Although we ask them to show their ID, usually they also refuse to show. they memang cibai lar.

But those who u din ask them to show their ID, they will show u their ID and then only they start to ask u question.
But usually those who show u their ID b4 they ask u question, is those who are very high ranking, coz they follow the procedure properly to avoid they lost their pangkat or cannot go up higher pangkat.

i still remember when i was still a school kid and i lepak and vandalize things around my neighborhood(the playground), a Chinese man suddently come forward to me and my fren and ask, what are you both doing? we just said playing in the playground. actually he already saw us jumping like monkey on those facilities and trying to destroy it. they he asked us, "you know who i am?" of course we say dunno lar. then he show his ID and tell us, if we continue again, he will call a police car to come and fetch us to balai and call our parents, and bla bla bla...

that time we just listen and go home. and we also not angry, coz he follow the exact procedure, coz that time even though i am very naughty and rebellious, but i already involve on lots of school activities which consist lots of school type of politics and we even threaten the school principle with petition letter directly send to pengarah pendidikan and ignore the procedure to submit it 1st to the school to filter due to we are allowed to do so coz of the school will condemn that letter and stop the letter to arrive the pengarah pendidikan...

that time me and my frens study a lot about legal procedures just to be rebellious. lol

also, there was once, 2 police try to stop me and wan to accuse me some offense that i did not do just to trying to get kopi duit from me.

i tell them, just issue me the saman, i got no money, and when 1 of them take out his pen and the saman book and wanted to pretend he is writing, i also do the same thing. i copy his ID number at their uniform and they asked me y copy their number. i say i wan to submit their ID number to their superior officer and lodge report about they accuse me of the offense that i didn't do. and i will bring all these neighbor around here who see u guys stop me for the offense i didn't did to the balai as witness. that time got lot of ppl there see them, and they r stupid to stop me at the place i live.

then, they say sorry and request me to give them the paper that i write. i say, ok. i can give them, but in case they try anything, i did memorize the numbers, i still can report. after that they just take that paper and leave immediately.

so when they fierce to u, fierce back to them if u r sure that u r not wrong. but make sure u have ppl around u, if not, u will get wag by these ass holes and they will cover up by saying they r only self defense for ur assault.

Anonymous said...

by the way calvin,
sorry for writing my story in ur comment page, hope u dun mind.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kikey, i kena once oso. but i refused to give in and took out a notepad and a pen to jot down his name, then only that fler know im not playing. it is our right, and oso for our protection. fyi, i have a small baseball bat hidden under my car, just in case.

clef, no prob gurl. eh, heard you pening-pening. weekend syndrome ah? lol

garfield, its no problem. you can say all you want and write all you want in my blog. just as long as it is not abot critisizing me...hehehehe. no lah kidding. critisisms are most welcomed. im very positive..... :P