Friday, September 12, 2008

My amateurish photos...yikes!!! part deux

....*sigh*. Got nothing to brag about today. Damn busy nak mampus. Anyways, stole some time during luch. Here are some photos of Rachel's shoes that she got from Taiwan. My mum and sis went bonkers on these. What's up with ladies and shoes my mum, sis and Rachel can go around sharing their shoes 'cause their feet has got the same size. They can have their feet smelling the same...all fishy lol.
In total, Rachel bought 6 pairs of shoes costing her less than RM100 bucks. Yup, you heard it right. Less than RM100 bucks. *SCREAMS SHRIEKS* cheap, I want one, I want one. And for you guys out there who are into designer clothings and shoes, my wife said that you can get all those in Taiwan for half the price in Malaysia. So, pack up your bags and empty your bank accounts.....I'll be going to Taiwan.....errrr maybe next year :P This year "pokai" already.

White slip ons
Yellow slip ons

Silver slip ons

Blue slip ons

2 inches heels...or was it 3. arghhhhh nvm!!!
I didnt manage to take the sixth one as Rachel was wearing those to work. Kinda platform thingy, which I hate the most. I just cannot tahan to see ladies with platform shoes dressed up in their lala dressing (everything short and baring) and a cigarette in their hand. Make me wanna puke!!!


Chris said...

yee? how come take shoes photos geh?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

dont know what else to publish. dont want to blog about politics because very sien already. since my wife just got back from taiwan, she bought a lot of things, make me pokai. so just to show what she bought since last nite. these photos taken from my latest dslr camera. testing only

Pete said...

Wah, very cheap lorr. Real shoes arrr? Not barbie dolls shoes? LOL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete : i wish...hahaha. but if barbie doll's shoes are at that price, i'll kill myself

garfield said...

how bout blog about ur credit card statement? hahaha

the picture of the credit card statement will sure be very interesting

Roses said...

i like the first white shoes

the greenish blue slip-ons

it's hard to get my size when i was in feet are so small i am only good for shoes meant for kids

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, good idea....then all of you can all laugh about it while i cry in my toilet....boohoohoo lol

roses, if that's the case, then id be happy to sell them to you. at least i can cover some of my credit card bills.....*crying*....what's your shoes size. not smaller than 5 i hope...or, are you wearing kikilalas now? hahaha