Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home blessing

My day off, and yet still had to work....*sigh* One of my customer couldn't make it back from KL yesterday and she'd requested to meet me in the bank this morning. And so, I woke up kinda early and headed straight to office right after I fetched Rach to work. I hurriedly packed some items and documents for the customer and waited....and waited....and waited. The bank was only opened till 12.00 noon and I wont be able to perform some tasks that I was supposedly signature mah. And I got her sms at about 11.45am saying that she wont be able to come. She'll come over Monday morning.......##$%!!%&. So after cursing for like an hour or so, I headed to Starbucks for some caffeine and posted yesterday's blog.
We headed to Jessel & Chew Tze's new home at nite....for some fun, fellowship and home blessing. And OMG, the house was a beauty. 2 1/2 storeys semi detached house, about 6,000 sq feet, 5 bedrooms with individual toilet.....each!!, a beautiful car porch and luxurious living room with a huge dining area.....what more can I say, my dream home. I think Jessel bought it at RM350K or so, compared to KL should be ranging about RM500K and above. But oh well, with what I'm earning now, I might be able to purchase a house like this one day.......after I've saved for like 100 years!!!. Anyways, we had dinner....which was superb!!! Chew Tze hails from dinner was Sarawak laksa. Plus, some of us brought goodies from home, my mum did "lik tau suan", Su Ann did fruit salad, there were sandwiches and finger food enuff for everyone.
We had a splendid evening, singing worship songs and most important of all, the main event...home blessing. And since I had my "baby" with me, I was the official photographer....and a note of thanks for believing in my so called photography "skills"...ahem. Anyways, enuff of writing and i'll let my photos do the talking :-

Jessel's baby grand Yamaha piano....I think it costs him almost RM30K for this baby *sweats*

A view from the piano keys

While the women are talking and laughing aloud, this is me taking pictures from the kettle.....

An small aloe vera plant in the kitchen....small items here and there made a huge difference to the space in the kitchen

Another shot with some background effects

Su Ann's fruit salad.....don't let this picture deceive you. It was scrumplicious......mmmm

Mum's ever famous original "lik tau suan"....taught by my grandma. When I say original, I meant that it was thick and full of flavour, not like the ones you get from the market or restaurants.

Fresh prawns for the Sarawak Laksa

and some taugeh to go with it.....which I hate the most, besides celeries. I know its supposed to be good for you but no thanks....not in a million years. There were some other items that I did not photograph......sliced chicken, fishballs, limau kasturi and scrambled eggs....not to mention sandwiches......with a quarter of hard boiled eggs in the middle....special ler...

The finished product

The "absolutely" finished Hungry mah!!

This is my bro in law sharing a few verses from the "Good Book"....

Our group photo from left to right top : obviously me, my bro in law Jeff (CG leader), Su Ann, Chew Tze, Jessel, Rachel, my sis Evelyn, my mum, aunty Shirley (Jessel's mum), Joey-who is 5 months pregnant btw, my niece Nichol, Eric (Joey's hubby) and Erin, my naughty niece Phoebe, Ing Cheon and lastly Sam (our CG's co-leader)

Another picture while in the "tok pui chek" session....hehehe

Our worship song book

A time of praise and worship

and another......and in the background, lil Phoebe running around, as always....

...then it was home blessing time.

I think my mum, Su Ann and Rach had intentions of becoming syampoo models....but no luck.

...before heading home, Rach upside down


cleffairy said...

*sigh* I have a funny feeling that each time i visit your blog, I'm gonna get very very hungry, Calvin. LOL. I've never been to a house blessing before...sounds like fun. :-D

Josephine said...

Nice photos leh......

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, good. then you'll come for more....hehehe

josephine, thanks. but a lil blurrish because i resized them. otherwise, it will take me ages to upload.

Malaysian Joe said...

calvin, invite us all for makan la.... next time you have all those goodies.. :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

mjoe, next time you're in kuantan, give me a holler. i would be more than happy to bring you makan until cirit-birit....hehehe