Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will he really quit...??

"If I want to leave before 2010, I can do that,'' Abdullah told reporters. "I will hand over certain duties to him (Najib) from time to time.''
........Paklah's resignation would really....I repeat.... really make lots of Malaysians happy, other then his own cronies of course. But then again, if he hands down his resignation to Najib, would it make things better. Would the happy Malaysians rejoice only to know that their lives would be in a greater stockpile of shit than ever before? Since the 916 issue did not come into play, it means that we still had to endure BN's "cruel" bashing. Our economy has taken the plunge and are in deep waters...our KLCI has been declining and most likely to hit the 1000 mark. What are "they" gonna do about it?
And still they are blabbering about whos right or wrong, whos more powerful than the other, who can stick their pole into someone else's butt hole......come on!!! Do the RAKYAT a favour....shut your huge gap and do something!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WALAO.... the pics got me laughing pretty hard! LOL...he'll resign? Aiyoyo, Calvin... that feller flip flop wan worr... whatever he say, we must think in the opposite way.

Kell^ said...

thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. However, can I clarify something? I think the term bro does not suit me as i am a GIRL!hehe, but please don't let that stop you from visiting my postings =)

Anonymous said...

Whahahaha... Calvin also mistook a girl for a guy? Yoz, Calvin, join my club la... I also always mistook girls for guys on the net. :-S

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, he was sleeping in 2006.....he still is still todate.

kell, oops. bad. dun worry, it wont be my last.

clef, we should form a club.....dun-know-my-gender-club. hahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

hiya... when u start to tok politik?

kell... no gender discrimination.. bro/sis... hehe..

I think AAB is not that power crazy... he is only the puppet.. its the puppet master that is power crazy.. the one that needs AAB to stay for at least another term..

Anonymous said...

Just like the rising oil prices, can't really blame the old man that the stock market is plunging! The closing of the US bank has international repercussions.

But he must account for letting the mad cow free (more or less) and taking it out on innocent individuals.

I guess he has lost whatever support he might have left, prior to this...and I really wonder why those "immigrant" parties are still sucking up to him! Partners in crime? Otherwise, pull out...and let him beg them to come back on bended knees!

Kikey Loo said...

Those pictures they are funny!
If change to Najib also will not make big different....(my opinion)

# Sorry, to cos u almost shit in ur pants, haha... I didn't saw any lizards and snakes. yah, i had a good time, the time we were they, we like jump out take picture, then jump in the car, cos the sun is burning hot!

by the way, i had link u up in my blog (^.^)

Anonymous said...


Najib can control the economy more well than pak lalalah.
but the problem is, he has become weaker now after he get controled by pak lalalah by some ways....

by the way, this post is great, but better becareful, the gov is using ISA trying to stop all blogger to talk anything about the politics. especially this kind with pictures. i think u should monitor ur traffic. if see any hit which is unusual, take this post down to protect urself, destroy the evidence.

cc said...

It sure sounds that way. We'll have to wait and see.

Have a good weekend!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

mjoe, somtimes only i blog bout politics. more often than not, i dont give a hoot about them govt flers. but this time, i was pissed. why the hell did AAB handed over the finance ministry to najib. some bloggers said that he is a coward. i say he is doing the taichi.....the norm that they do. and yes, aab is "the puppet" like the wayang kulit type. i think instead of him controlling the country, his blardy son in law is doing it for him.

stp, yah i partly agree with you. but instead of them blabbering their own stuff, they should have concentrated more on our country and try to lessen the burden of the people. bn and pkr alike....they both suck. i dont like either one....but a change is always welcomed. if cant be eating nasi lemak for like a month without tasting other food. very fast sien.....

kikey, them pictures are sure funny. but decided to take them down after garfield advise. wouldnt want the police flers come knocking on my door arresting me under ISA. damn, just married man!!! dont want my wife to come visit me in prison....hahaha. actually, no laughing matter....*serious face*

garfield, no matter who controls who leads us, they must always do it for the people. those arseholes only think for themselves. all politicians are alike. cant find one who truly does it for us.....maybe back in the ol days......but very scarce now. took your advise d. taken down the pictures. but will you come visit me in prison if im arrested under ISA...hahaha.

cc, we have waited for far too long. beh tahan.....always wanna vomit whenever i read the papers about aab.......geram!!!! kanasai!!!

Anonymous said...

I fed up with them liao! Decided to turn to Tuanku for help. :-(

Anonymous said...


actually i also hope to write about politic when i started my blog. but since i have to think about myself and my family, i decided to write only about computer stuff. coz i know if i write about politics, i can go to jail with only 1 article due to i am very direct when write something. to avoid having any problem with the authorities, so i decided not to touch anything about politics.

by the way, if u really kena ISA, ppl wan to go visit u also very hard 1 lar, ISA detainees are not allowed to be visit by anyone. only the closest family member might given exception.

Malaysian Joe said...

Way I see it... In the eyes of Umno and warlords, its a "win win" situation. Finance ministry is the more "influential". But to AAB, his focus is on control and raw power.

So, in our eyes, its giving this up for that. My thoughts was, if you are serious in giving up power, you should not even take up the defence ministry!

yes he is tai-chi-ing but how long you think this can last? the nation lay in ruins while these mofos dabble and dibble?