Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will you help me...? Puh..leezzzzz

After reading cleffairy's blog yesterday, it made me ponder and think of a topic to blog today. As Malaysians, we were taught in school to be good and obedient children from our moral and agama classes. Always listen to your parents, and if you were a Muslim, you'd have to perform your prayers 5 times a day. Do not cheat, do not steal, do not tell a lie and always...always lend a helping hand in time of need. This is the topic I wanna talk about today. "LEND A HELPING HAND IN TIME OF NEED". Now, I'm not going to be bias about any race or religion, just facts and truths, and random thoughts.
One of my good friend Lee, once told me of his encounter with an accident. The story goes like this........
On his way back home from school, he and another of his classmate was cycling thru the usual road, minding their own business. They stopped at a junction to take a shortcut. While waiting for the traffic to clear, he noticed a pair of legs under a bus tyre. Then he pointed out to his classmate to look. The more they stared at those pair of legs, they became more curious. So Lee decided to head over nearer to the bus...To his shock, it WAS a pair of legs belonging to an old lady, who was trampled against the bus's tyres. Her body was crushed from the waist down and she was splattering blood all over. Nobody noticed this, or maybe nobody WANTS to notice this. Lee and his buddy threw away their bicycles and ran towards the old lady and shouted for help. After about 30 seconds or so......typical Malaysians scurried over to WATCH the event. Lee was calling for help, asking someone to call for the police and the ambulance. Nobody called....just stared. "Aiyo kesian!!!" "Aiyo what happened ar?" this point, I am really embarassed to call myself a Malaysian....*sigh*. So Lee ran towards the traffic and practically put himself in danger to stop a passing car.....1st car said cannot lar, dirty my car seat (Chinese).....2nd car said cannot lar, no time (Chinese), 3rd car said cannot lar, not on the way (Chinese). All three cars were Chinese sad. The 4th car was a Malay and he said....cepat-cepat, mana orang tu.
I am not saying that all Chinese are like this, but generally situations like this, you can hardly find a Chinese offering help in time of need. Call a tow truck, boleh for police, boleh lah......put in an old lady with blood all over, who will in turn dirty your car's cushion seat.....errr, next car can ah?
I myself was put into a situation when I met with an accident riding my bicycle back home from school. A motorcycle banged with from behind and I flew like superman.....practically flew. I twisted my ankle, had scratches over my hands and legs, bruises on my body......and that fler took off. Nobody came to my aid......I mean nobody. I was in a Chinese neighboorhood. I picked myself up, limping towards my bicycle...which was practically bengkok. A Malay man who saw the incident from the adjacent traffic light took a right turn and came to help me. He asked me whether i want to go to the hospital or go home....I said go home, should be ok. He fetched me home with his buruk Honda kapcai.
So what can i say about bad as it may sound, we Chinese (not all ok) do not care of others as the Malays do. This is a fact. "Lei sei, lei ge si - You die, you're on your own). Sounds familiar? Maybe its because of their religious teachings that whenever you help someone, you're gain extra points (pahala), or maybe its their way of saying, you help me, I'll help you.....but for whatever reason it can count on the Malays for help.....a Chinese, maybe.....


Anonymous said...

Maybe, Calvin, it's because they fear that one day when they are involved in an accident or something, they are afraid that no one will help them. By offering help to the needy their faith of being repaid by God is further strengthened. I believed most believe that they will get 'balasan buruk' as a lesson sooner or later if they dun help. It must be because of the fear of God's wrath. :-D

Cleff: I fear God's wrath too. Huhuhu. T_T

Chris said...

Yeah, no doubt our chinese is very selfish. So sad. Sigh..

warrior2 said...

I would like to believe that if I or anyone else help anybody in any situation, it is not because that we wanted anything in return or because we fear god but it is because it is the right thing to do.

Once I was on my way back from penang to kl with my fmilly, and somewhere near Ipoh, an accident involving a motorcylist and a lorry happened right in front (actually 50 meters away) of me. The lorry driver didnt notied anything becausde the motorcyslist only graze the back of the lorry so he went on. The motorcyslist fell down and I passed him. I stopped my car a few meters ahead and went to him.

He was bleeding and I saw his right leg was in a weird position. he was trying to dial his wife and i took the phone and explained to the woman on the other side that his husband was involved in an accident.

It happened in the middle of the highway. Cars zoomed by and a few stopped. All malay drivers. I dont know why but it didnt cross my mind until I read this article. We carried him to a car ( a malay) and he was taken away to the hospital.

Something to ponder.

Yup I am back blogging but am currently in Beijing.

Kikey Loo said...

yah, I admit that we Chinese more selfish... but not all!!

Josephine said...

maybe chinese are more 'kiasi', because there are same robbers who creates 'fake' accidents...

Anonymous said...

honestly, during accident. usually those who will offer help 1st is those malays.

but i can say, this type of malay is hard to find in kl. but in small town, they usually are the 1st who offer help during accident.

and for me, i have this experience b4 as well. i was a primary school kid that time. and i was riding my bicycle. u should know how school kids ride bicycle rite? hence, i got knocked by a motorcycle. we both fall down and my injury was just a minor injury. same as that motorcyclist. we both bleeding. when the accident just happened, lots of ppl stop by there and watch. but sadly, those chinese only stand there and discuss who wrong in this accident. but none of these chinese come towards and ask us are we ok or anything.

only those malays come forward and ask us and also offer to send us to clinic.

ok, no back to in kl. it is quite different, maybe the heats of politics strikes on them. when an accident happen which involve 2 different race, those ppl who stop by at the accident scene is not to ask the casualty ok or not. instead, they just protecting their own race ppl to fight who is right and who is wrong. come on lar, ppl is bleeding there, need to seek for medical assistance, u guys still drag him to stay there and fight for who is right and who is wrong mer? if wan to fight, please send them to clinic 1st lar!

Pete said...

I remember driving a guy who fell off his bike in front of my house to the hospital with my bro in my dad's old Austin. I apply first aid for him and notice that he had a broken collar bone, then I call his relatives and tell them what happened. On the way to the hospital, the guy was a bit delirious and was talking nonsense, ha ha a bit scary oh! Anyway I got him safely into the emergency room.

When I got my first old toyota corolla in KL, it broke down, but no one help me to push to the side although I tried to stop some motorist. I actually push it alone, one hand on the steering with the door open for quite a distance. Then it rained and I was soaked. Later one Malay biker and a traffic police helped me.

zarni said...

calvin, it is not about the race or religion. Its all about the person him/ herself. it similar to the "malang" mynmar who you hit during your time in kemaman those days.ha!ha! ha!
But one thing for sure, your golf still suck!!!!

jerrie said...


Malaysian Joe said...

The perversion about race is only the figment of BN's work.. seriously, Malays are really nice people.. my kiddie years in kampung was littered with great memories with Tok Penghulu and all my neighbours... use to "harvest" durians from Penghulu's dusun and eat them under his stilted house.. we were pretty much Malaysian.. but somewhre between then and now, things changed! And you just wonder who changed them if not the BN govt... since they have been in charge of the nation and its policies..