Friday, September 26, 2008

Buka puasa at Megaview Hotel

Since we are in the third week of Puasa, it is only appropriate for me to post something about it. The bank had our "Majlis Iftar" at Megaview Hotel, Kuantan. The food was actually not bad. Lots of choices at only RM30++ per pax...but of course, the bank paid for it. For our Muslim colleagues, they wore baju melayu and for the non-Muslims, we had to put on our batik shirts, just to make it a little formal. I tried to put on my old baju melayu. The last I wore those were about a year ago...but man!!! I couldnt fit into that damn thing....%&^!#*@. I am fat!!!
Anyways, back to the main topic. The buffet spread was quite good. I am a good eater when it comes to a course dinner but never during a buffet. Here are some of the stuff that I cramped into my belly, and of course I tried to practice my photography skills.

The main dish...I think I had some sotong, soto ayam, ikan keli goreng and vegetables.
Ikan goreng with some raw vege and my favourite....sambal belacan. A must with every malay cuisine.
Next up was Laksa Johor. The portion I took was a tad too small. A little dissapointed with the laksa though.....
Desserts......choc cake, some pudding and local kuih sagu.
I'm actually not a pudding freak...but when I saw this served, I had to have one. And it'll look good in photography...hehehe
Not much ingredients in their ABC....just some bits and pieces of sweet corn, syrup and nuts.
I took these but didnt eat tell me, who eats jeruk for dinner!!!
....and of course some fruits.
Saw these hanging from the ceiling....decided to practice.
Our tables were decorated with white roses.....looked a little dry, but what the heck!!!
And of course, after dinner we had our regular chit-chat and "busybodying" about work and craps. Overall, dinner time was fun coz its not always all of us get together for dinner. And since Hari Raya is coming very, very soon...Id like to wish my Muslim readers (if there is....) a very Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.....cheers & God bless.


Anonymous said...

the johor laksa is like that 1, wat u expect? it is called curry laksa, while it is actually curry with the laksa mee, lol.

johor ppl and sg ppl dunno how to eat the northern laksa 1, coz they said it looks not hygienic. no need to say far, KL ppl also eat laksa without the prawn paste, they said the prawn paste is very unhygienic, but without the prawn paste, i dunno how they eat, coz the important taste of the laksa already lost...

anyway, the jeruk i think it serve as appetizer. i do eat jeruk b4 i eat dinner sometimes, i mean b4 go out for dinner(coz too hungry already and got noting at home to eat) after eat the jeruk, i can eat more rice. hahahahha

Kikey Loo said...

those foods look good! :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

xin said...

hmm rm30+ is considered quite cheap for buffet. But, we can never get our money worth with the amount of food we eat. rugi nye

Pete said...

Rm30 very reasonable lorr. No close up shot of Wendy eating this time? Ha Ha. LoL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, yalor, yalor. without prawn paste, the laksa taste like dead fish..hahahah

kikey, it was good but not excellent. summore, after puasaing lunch, not good oso will be

xin, i think it was the cheapest in town for a buffet spread in kuantan. other hotels are rm50 and above. and yes, what we ate did not sum up to rm30....waste or not, the bank paid for it....hahaha. but i always finish up what ive taken. unlike some gluttons, take so much, didnt finish. got to send them to africa or some deserted island then they know :P

pete, yes i have some photos of her munching away. but decided not to post....she already naik kepala, kembang hidung coz she say she oredy famous thru my blog....hahaha

Josephine said...

I am so envy of u. Have such a good camera.....

Anonymous said...

I dun like Johor laksa... Johor laksa sux... where can use speghetti as the laksa? *growl* THAT IS A CRIME! grrr!

Penang laksa is the best! Best eaten wif otak udang and pineapple slices and some shredded salad leaves. Yum Yummm!

Anonymous said...

laksa, the original 1 is better.
that kind which are only curry+mee is stupid. that thing is not even call laksa, it is actually just mee curry without kerang

Calvin Soo KJ said...

josephine, good camera doesnt mean good photographer. im striving to be better everyday.

clef, you go gurl!!! i love penang laksa too. id take 3 bowls when im in oldtown kopitiam...delicious!! yum yum!!!

garfield, many people claim their laksa is the best. and it is true, they dont know the term laksa. but the best laksa is always from home.....:P

Roses said...

you eat more dessert than the main
cakes, puddings (MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE)....

i never had ikan keli before...was it any good??

Calvin Soo KJ said...

roses....hey gurl!!! you've been mia...hahaha. yalor, i didnt had much of the main courses. the desserts were much more interesting. actually i ate more than one plate...hehehe

Anonymous said...

RM30!!! So cheap!!! I loved the buka puasa buffet at hotels!!! Last time, I used to attend meetings in KL during the puasa month (9 days!!!) and I had that free (ministry paying mah!!!)EVERY NIGHT...until one time when I had TWO plates of clams and came down with gout!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Case of eat now, pay later!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, even though paid for, we cannot be greedy. ive learned my lesson as well. the last time i had buffet stuffings in my belly (not puasa month), i had too much food, my stomach ached , i kentut-ed non stop all the way home in my relative's car. i was so embarassed that i did not go for a buffet with them anymore. i think the felt the same way-dont go invite calvin for dinner belly got limit one. didnt know until the last time. :P