Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My nightmare...

From my previous posts, before the "betul-betul kanasai" one, i posted about Rachel's food poisoning encounter just about a week ago. Last Friday (22-08-2008), Rach got me pissed in my pants, yet again. For the last few days, Rach was hospitalized with appendicitis.All this while, it was not food poisoning. The clinic doc did not check her throughly......wth!!!
I was supposed to go to KL for a meeting on Sunday till Thurday, as well as to meet my blog buddy Pete for dinner.....*drools*. But God, in His miraculous ways, revealed that Rach had appendicitis 2 weeks before her trip to Taiwan.
We went to our local GH and I was really, really, really pissed with their service. Firstly, when I patiently queued to be registered...which took me 1/2 hour, and there were only 2 patients in line. My wife was crying in pain, vomitted several times and that shitty attendant ate keropok....right in front of us. I almost punched him in the face....really!! This was our conversation
(after waiting in line for 1/2 hour)
Me : Hello encik! Isteri saya sakit lar...boleh cepat sikit tak?
AH (asshole) : Nanti dulu. Tak nampak saya sibuk kah? Tunggu lar!!!
Me : Saya sudah tunggu 1/2 jam. You tak nampak kah.
AH : 1/2 jam tak lama. Orang lain tunggu 1 jam (right after he said it, he went to eat keropok)
Me : Woi!! Celaka!! You apa nama? You nak saya complain nama you berani makan depan saya? Bloody bastard!!! (I took out my pen and paper to jot down his name and he suddenly felt that I was not joking)
AH : Ok, Ok......nanti dulu. Saya main-main saja.
Me : Orang sudah sakit macam ni, nko ingat saya main-main. You bodoh ke apa?
AH : Ok, Ok......(then he took out the red registration form and hurriedly completed it)...Ok sudah ok. You tunggu kat sana (pointing at the waiting room), missy akan check pressure.
Me : Woi!!! Nko nak aku tunggu lagi ke? Isteri saya sudah muntah2, nko nak saya tunggu lagi
AH : Terpaksa lah boss....I takde kuasa nak bagi you potong q.
(then without another word I pushed Rach to the queue line whilst grumbling).
The people there consoled me and even helped me to persuade the AH to allow Rach to jump queue. After checking her pulse and blood pressure, I had to wait for another 1 hour to see the doctor. Rach was vomitting and cannot even stand. She was in terrible pain and I was afraid that she might even go into shock. My mum was there and advised me to hurry to the specialist....which i shouldve done much earlier...stupid me.
So, stupid me drove like crazy to the specialist centre located near our Tunas Manja Supermarket Transit Point called Hospital Pakar KCDC...(dunno what it stands for). The nurse hurriedly pushed her to the A&E room for a scan. She pressed her abdomen to check where it pains the most and found that it was at her lower right of her stomach. The doctor came to double checked and confirmed 90% that it was appendicitis. They had her blood and urine checked as well. That was at about 5.30pm. The specialist, Dr Tan confirmed that an operation is needed at 6.30pm. Rach was still in great pain btw. They made the preparations and Rach went in for surgery. I was still in a panicked state but the doctor said that it was only a minor op, and there's nothing to worry about. How can i not worry? In any operation, minor or not, there still is a 50/50 chance of something bad to happen. I prayed to God the whole time. At about 7.20pm, the doctor confirmed that it was a succesful op and Rach is fine.
Rach after the operation...notice the small "bantal busuk" that Rach had to

This damn machine always makes me jump when there's a funny sound.
Rach was in KCDC for 4 days. We discharged yesterday morning, and guess how much was the bill like......RM8K++. Overall, I was impressed with their hospitality and service. "5" star service. My mom in law complained that the bill was too expensive, and I told her that money can find sum more, but a life....never. Rach did not have an insurance policy, I told her to cancel her old one as there was not much benefit. I submitted her new application to Prudential in the morning of her ordeal.....really no luck at all. So i had to fork out the amount by cash. I could claim thru the bank but only a maximum of RM4.5K. Better some than none.
Rach is feeling much better now, she's eating and walking. She even joked about her operation. She can laugh, she can smile.....and now she can "berak" comfortably....hahaha. And now, I can sleep.......Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. A special thanks to God for His protection and blessings, our church members; Pastor and family, Francis and family, Ruth (who was in Kuantan last weekend), Lee, Ai Lean, Siew Ching, Jessel and family, my colleagues, Rach's colleagues, Pete for smsing me (hehehe) Rach's family and my family, for their love, support and prayers. May God adds His blessing upon you and brings you peace.....God Bless!!


Pete said...

Calvin, good to have you back. Rach should be back on her feet very soon. Don't worry. Send my regards to her.

Anonymous said... word of advice from a girl who grew up sickly...NEVER DO CHECK UP IN GH. They NEVER do work properly, bad service, and all evil in the world is over there in GH.

A few years ago, when I just moved to KL, my lungs started to give problems again, and so,at the moment, not having any specialist to go to yet, my hubby and I decided to go to GH, and you know what they tell me?

"Aiya, you sakit perut je, nanti doctor kasi ubat and MC. MC satu hari, cukup tak?"

Apprently, they thought I was faking a stomach ache to get an MC...bloody hell, lung problem also can say stomachache. Babi punya anak. I could have died back then and they say stomach ache! Gila or what?
If I were to visit my specialist when I complain such intense pain, he'd do the routine check up for me, ECG,CTscan, bloodtest and stuff, cuz the doctor scared I will die. (cuz i my lungs got problem and my heart ventricle valve abit longgar), but Gh ppl just look and me and conclude that I'm faking stomachache? I straight away shout and scream at them and request to be brought to a specialist in Tawakkal, calling all the nurses and Gh hospital people 'makan gaji buta' all the way. ASSHOLES!

Anyway, Calvin, I agree with you that even though Rachel's bill come to total Rm8 k, but seriously, you both can work and find more money when she's well again, but life, can never be replace. Should never jeopardize life over money. Money for healthcare purpose is the type of money one should never feel stingy to spend.

Anyway, all the best to Rachel, I hope she will recuperate and get back on her feet again. My prayers are with you and your family. Godspeed her recovery.

Anonymous said...

GH is just full of ass holes,
until you show them the previous medical record, only they will agree that you have lungs problem and then only they said "oh, macam ni kena refer you ke specialist lar, I ni physician je, i tulis surat, nanti you pergi tanye guard macam mane nak pergi the respiratory department jumpa specialist, ok?"

and this is so stupid! breathing sound in the lungs sounds different, and yet, just say it is stomachache!

and that stupid physician is just only a MD graduated 1 months ago during the incident!

no matter what, if there is a specialist center near by, avoid to send a patient to government hospital, even if it is emergency, send to specialist center which is trustworthy and famous, coz some specialist center's doctor just want to earn by operate you even if it is not necessary.

Malaysian Joe said...

Hey... sorry to hear that... but I am sure she will be alright. With so many praying for her and your family I am sure it will be just OK.

Chris said...

Sory to hear that...
Ai... y our "frens" still have this kind of attitute and mind towards their job? They dun realise the world is changing and we need to catch up with the rest of the people in order to stay competitive??

Calvin Soo KJ said...

all : Rach is fine now. Thanks for your concerns and prayers...cheers

Zufadlee said...

really GH is suck?... Thank GOD rach is fine...

Amjan said...

oleh kerana 3 kali tak comment...ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Give birth to a baby boy in GH, and they'll give you a baby girl to bring back. Okay, who dare to give birth in GH? I tell you, GH SUX!

Roses said...

wahhh...pssttt: don't curse everyone in the GH just yet. i am gonna enter and play a part in GH soon whether i like it anot..i promise to help as much as i can and pace up my service when i am there.

however, i believe how piss off u can be, when there is an SOS situation and that mumbo-jumbo-dumbo-jackass still eats keropok...i have graduated from the anger management session or else given that situation, i'' stuff down his throat the whole pkt of keropok plus the wrapper plus the pen plus the red card plus anything surrounding him..

note: from personal experience, this kinda attitudes are basically limited to the "small kacang" of any organization. i go clinic, only the damn nurse/receptionist will be damn stuck-up...

sorry for the long comment..but most importantly..hopefully Rachel will be up and healthily jumping to the nearest malls to get her make-up stocks

Anonymous said...

LOL, Rose...don't worry, our wrath are just directed to the donkeys, not drug dealers. We believe that drug dealers strictly deals with drugs only... won't harm the patients in distress

*eying Rose carefully* Are you sure you went to anger management session before? Sounds you manage your a very...erm...ganas way. LMAO.

Chris said...

GH is slow but private hospital is expensive. They normally need deposit 1st before giving any medication. Ai....

Roses said...

i heard the first thing they ask when u enter a private is "pay by cash or by card"

what sickness or ur degree of pain?!?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia's government servant really have to be train all over again about the attitude.

Not only physicians, even some surgeon also be work like shit.

they simply operate and didn't even read the medical report properly.

some local GH even put a fresh graduate interns to replace the surgeon while the surgeon is on vacation, hence caused the patient death.

how can they put a 26 years old fresh graduate MBBS to replace the surgeon when the surgeon to go somewhere else for holiday? if they know that the surgeon will going for vacation, they shouldn't assign patient to the surgeon! and i am damn pissed when a 26 years old fresh graduate certify a patient;s death? a person enter GH with just small complication, but end up dying in the local GH due to the fresh graduate noob's mistake!

Bridge Schmidt said...

Are the people Malaysia so prone to food poisoning? Hmmm, it's sometimes in the hygiene. Just be clean and careful about the things you eat. THat's the only way not to be a victim of it.

Anonymous said...

it is actually those food stall are not that hygienic.

at the front, it may looks clean, but at the kitchen, it may looks like a big rubbish bin.

although some food stall get certification from the health ministry, it might be bribe to get the certification. so it is quite hard to avoid food poisoning in malaysia actually.

Anonymous said...

by the way Calvin, hope u dun mind if i put ur blog link to my blogroll

Calvin Soo KJ said...

all : im finally back to work today. really no time to blog. a thousand apologies. for all your concerns and prayers, rach is ok now. btw, she's now flying to taiwan. im left all alone...*sobsob*. so you guys have to keep entertaining me with your

Anonymous said...

Eh, where did you go la, Calvin....on leave? Why she go to taiwan? Sob sob, you poor thing.When will she be back? Hmm, nevermind lah...since u so kesian, go raid Bigdaddy's house during the buka puasa. Sure a lot of food to eat wan. Yum Yum. Neway, speaking of him, how is he? he also MIA quite long liao.