Friday, August 8, 2008

Its never enuff....

Hi y'all.
I have had a very busy Thurs and Friday this week. My boss flew in from KL yesterday for a "meeting"...(actually to belebeh - jgn marah ye boss!!), and to "meet the customers in two days" day.
Even though I'm dead tired, it has become a part of my life now to pen down some notes in my blog....damn!! I've become a bloggerholic......jengjengjeng **kapow**
Well, my boss has been very professional about work, and ever since I've taken this new post, she has been very supportive and encouraging, even though my results were not at par as compared to my compatriots in the Klang Valley. "Calvin, take this positively because I have to say this.........for the management, it is NEVER enuff. You'll have to do more blahblahblah.. PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT". Yup!! In any business, whether you're in the food business, banking, insurance, supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc...., what you do is never enuff. I'm not blaming my boss, but hey!! her ass is also on the line.
What say you......(can't wait for the 11th this month, Bigsweep results...hehehe).


Pete said...

Toto jackpot already more than 10million!

Anonymous said...

*grunt* My boss just came back from HELL and he decided to give me tonnes of work. ARGH! So dumb, so stupid, if not because of I need money to live, I'd shove a resignation letter in his mouth and stay at home goyang kaki to wait for my laogong to feed me. Or maybe I should do tht....(in my dreams la) whahaha :-S

Malaysian Joe said...

Wut big sweep? 1 in 8 million chance... (pening) hehehe... well if you kena.. remember us ok??????

White Crystal said...

Hi calvin, thank a lot for dropping by my blog and such a nice a comment.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete : toto ka, big sweep ka, ITS ALL MINE...yehahaha *evil*

clef : pray i kena the bigsweep. i give you 500k, enuff for a

m joe : dun worry...i'll surely remember everyone. otherwise, no one will comment on my blog d....hehehe

w crystal : no prob. do drop by mine often :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be more than thankful if you find someone to exorcist my boss. He's possessed by the devil. Argh, kanasai! Die, die, go back to hell you demon! Whahahaha.