Monday, August 18, 2008

Food poisoning

I was looking forward to spend time with my wife and family during the weekends. But God had it planned otherwise. Rachel started her new work last Friday. She was all happy and jolly in the morning but ended up in the clinic later in the evening.
I called Rach during lunch just to check out whether her colleagues treated her right. It turns out, she was the "tai-ka-cheh" as the other girls there were all new in the business. Everything went well until later in the evening about 5.30pm, I received her call..."Dear, I sakit perut lar". My usual answer would be "Then go and berak lor...", she replied "I muntah 3 times already wor....sum more cirit-birit more than 4 times". "HAH!!!!! Pack up your things. I'm coming to fetch you now!!". Rach has a strong character and she does not cry often. But she was crying in the car. I cannot imagine the pain she had to suffer, waiting in the jam to get to the clinic. It took us almost 20 minutes to the clinic. The doctor confirmed that it was food poisoning. So, he prescribed some medications and we went home.
At home, Rach vomited for a few more times. She cant eat, she can sleep, her tummy was inside out, she kentut..(and damn, it was really, really, really, she burped for like every minute and vomitted everything I gave her. I was so helpless and wanted to cry. The doc said that she is not to have any solid food but to feed her with biscuits and plain white bread. No milk, no milo, no coffee, no rice, not too much water, no to everything lah.
But till Saturday night, Rach's condition did not improve. So we sought after a 2nd opinion. Rach was down with a fever. The doc advised us to check with the local GH or a specialist as he suspected an infection in the lower belly.
At the hospital, a lady doctor prescribed several other medications and warned us that should Rach's condition worsened, she has to be admitted for further check ups. Any later would be fatal. My life was turned upside down, I panicked and I almost pissed in my pants. Thank God, Rach is feeling much better now. Pls pray for us....


Chris said...

I very scare of vomit.

Anonymous said...

Wah...I know how she feels...I mean, I always kena food poisoning if i don't eat right. :-(

What did she eat harr? Kena until so teruk wan?

Anyway, Calvin, feed your wife with some thickened mush or soup. It helps her to re-hydrate, since she lost so much water. And...I'm not sure if this will work for Rachel or not, but give her tea with NO SUGAR to stop her from going to toilet. Works all the time for me every time I get food poisoning.

Roses said...

what a coincidence. i was food-poisoned too during my stay over in penang. it was dreadful.
ur wifey prolly was on a more serious side of poisoning...gotta be really careful of what she eats next time.
porridge will do good, i suppose. the worst thing about vomiting and diarrhea is dehydration. i always settle for 100 plus or ORS..
keeping her in our prayers

Anonymous said...

WAHHHHH!!! Rose, you also get food poisoning. It must be the season, cuz I just came back from work and get diarrhea. The worst thing is, I don't even know what caused that, because the only thing I ate today is bread, and it's not even expired yet. *sigh* so much for asking Calvin to feed his wife with mush and I gotto feed myself with some soft food too.

Hmm...I do hope Rachel get well soon. I'll pray she get well soon. :-(

Pete said...

Calvin, hope your wife get well soon. As, long a she can take soft food and liquid then it will be ok. The sign of dehydration is that you will see the eye roll up, see only the white eye, then you must rush to the hospital ASAP. Best thing to kill the damm bacteria that cause the gas is to take 1 raw garlic. You will feel the effect immediately. But you need to replace back the good bacteria later by taking probiotics. Garlic should be avoided if someone is taking heart medicine or have sensitive stomach, as garlic tends to thin the blood. Good for high blood pressure! Take care Bro, see u next week!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

chris : so am i. get stomach cramps if too much vomitting.

clef : not sure. i think she said she bought "chap fan" from one of the restaurant near her working place. all this while, rach body is quite weak, meaning she gets sick every once in a while, because she hardly eats any vegetables. her body is lack of vitamins, hardly any exercise, and has lots of water retention. she is feeling very much better now. thanks...

roses : aiya! you also kena kah. i think its the season now, kinda like the durian the doctors said it should've been the water. you know lor...restaurants dont really boil their water. if kena, memang bad luck lar....

pete : thanks for your info. she's feeling much better now. gonna go back to work tomorrow. but still she has "angin" in her body. burps and kentut once in a while. no more vomitting or cirit birit. this girl really made me panicked. now can sleep at nite...thanks, and yes i'll see you next week. drop me your hp no in my mail at thanks again.

Anonymous said...

LOL...I know how it's like to get sick every now and then cuz I do too. I have weak stomach, weak lungs, get fever easily... it suck. I practically grew up sickly. The only good thing that come out from it is my doctor was very lenient with MC. It's just too bad that the leniency of MC only last when i was studying and not til I'm working. LMAO.

Anyway you should get her to eat more veggies and fruits...get some vitamins in her. That ought to improve her immune system... all meat and no veggie is not so good, you know?

Bigdaddy said...

hope rach feels better. You da man, taking care of your wife like that!

Malaysian Joe said...

Aiyoyo... how la? Why you never take care of your darling? Until kena food poisoning??? Next time, bring food for her lunch.. take care of her better ok??? LOL!

Well, here's wishing she gets well soon. Just drink loads of liquid.