Friday, August 15, 2008

This cannot, that cannot...kanasai!!!

Wassup PAS? Can't you even open your eyes and look around? Trying to blame a concert for all the illegal stuff that's been going around...Mat Rempits, Bohsias, Bohjans and all kinds of crap......if you want to talk about censorship and banning, look into our very own TV3 Sure Heboh lar.... not forgetting our local films involving Mat Rempit (KL Menjerit). You oso mesti ingat, mostly those involving in all those bohsias and bohjans come from your very own soil...Kelantan and Terengganu. Take care of your own house before trampling others.
I just cannot imagine if PAS takes over our country. If you wanna strike away discos, karaokes and pubs, that's kinda acceptable. But concerts? Avril has got a good record man....Imagine us non-muslims watching Nasyid for concerts...!!


Anonymous said...

Calvin, bohsias, bohjans and rempits happens because they cover up too much. This encourage them to 'try'.

LimZhi said...

But PAS allows pork to be sold publicly in Kelantan though..

Malaysian Joe said...

PAS gotta show they are more alim than the dogs of DUMBNO.

Chris said...

If they take over, i think all non-muslim will die!

fie the elf said...


avril lavigne is just this wannabe 'punk rocker'..

she's as dangerous as an apple

Roses said...

banning concerts?! PAS sure have their own ways to explain certain social issues. i cannot imagine a country under PAS. the heck, non-Muslim suppose to bake their heads under tudung okay..

Bigdaddy said...

Huh! Politics sucks.. at the end of the day, what every politicians want to to serve themselves.... Come on, politics have been corrupt since the days of Rome, which is like 1000 years ago? What makes us think there are any good politicians nowadays? Politics will still be corrupt for the next 1000 years!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef : yalar...sometimes i kesian them oso.

limzhi : hi..thanks for dropping by. i have many kelantanese and terenganu friends and they told me that the people there are all ok unlike their politicians....all politicians are alike...all shitty lol.

fie : apple is tad too hard, maybe a banana would be good.
mjoe : of course they have to. they are governing kelantan based on their face only lar. they are also scoundrels.

chris : be prepared for sunat...hahaha

roses : then we can be ninjas...hehehe

bd : youre rite...all politicians sux. i cant think of one politician who is truly working for the people...maybe lim ah lek is not that bad. but the bottom line is this......they can all go and fly un charlie's kite...(man, i'm damn polite nowadays)