Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr Specky Guy Tom Yam Seafood Restaurant

It was my 32nd birthday yesterday.....gosh, i'm really that old? (*sigh*) My family and I decided to head to one of Kuantan's famous chinese restaurant, Mr Specky Guy Tom Yam Seafood Restaurant. Why the name? No idea and i do not care.....all i know is that the food is scrumplicious....*licking fingers*. Primarily, the restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood like crab, prawns, fresh water fish, lobsters and squids just to name a few. Since a part of my family are allergic to some kinda seafood....really kesian :( we only ordered 2 types of the sort which is lala and their "chew pai" crab.

From left : Little Nichol, naughty Phoebe, my sis, my bro in law, my aunt, my uncle, my mom and my darling Rachel.
Mun Taufu....smells delish.

Sweet n sour Pork....the usual, but the pork is a little crunchy

Kum Heong Lala...a little dissappointed with the lala. Hardly any meat....

Yin Choy.....cooked to perfection with anchovies.

Mai Yau Hai (Butter Crap).....the gravy was thick and rich. Absolutely irresistable.
All in all, the dinner was fabulous. They owner was generous enuff to add a plate of Sang Yat mee for 5 persons and fruits. I didnt had the chance to take the photos as everyone was already digging into the plate. The total cost was about RM200-00 for 8 persons which is resonable. if you are looking for a reasonably priced good chinese cuisine to dine in Kuantan, this is the place to be.
Mr Specky Guy Tom Yam Seafood Restaurant
B-1161 Jalan Beserah
25300 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Phone No. : 09-5667181
Hp no. : 019-9867181
Ratings :-
Presentation : 3.5/5
Quality : 4/5
Price : 4/5
Service : 4/5


Anonymous said...

Happy 32th Birthday Calvin.

I doubt that we can get this price in KL. Rm200 for 8 person... that's VERY reasonable, consiering of what you ordered. Crab is not cheap. LOL

Man, the crab makes my mouth water.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

hehehe.....my mouth is still drooling. gonna head over there again tonite for a different type of crab. a junkie of all sorts.....*slaps* luckily not on drugs....hehehe

Roses said...

happy BELATED birthday...looks like i come at the rite time.
thanks for dropping by my site.
i am glad u guys found something to connect to. dont bother bout my previous posts, a friend told me they aint good.. T_T

i love crab, okay...so so..i had humongous sri lankan crab in sg and it was so good..

Calvin Soo KJ said...

*gulp*...drooling oredy.

B.H. said...

I'm a first time reader. Nice blog. Many happy returns of the day.

97 X, BAM! The future of rock and roll.


Pete said...

Happy belated Birthday, Calvin! Looks like you had a great time and good food at the restaurant!

warrior2 said...

Calvin, happy belated birthday and best wishes.

I love crabs and normally would go to Port Klang to have my share. Any place nearer anyone? I mean in KL. But you would have to point me to the shop which sells flower crab, it cant be the ketam batu kind.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

b.h. : thanks for dropping by.

pete : thanks...and yes, the food was excellent. too bad the pictgures weren't.

warrior2 : thanks. dun care whatever crab or crap. i just stuff them in my mouth, i might regret this style of eating in the future..lol

Anonymous said...

Calvin...i think uncle warrior cannot eat the crab u ate. Becoz he's a muslim...that crab... is er...is an amphibian, and he cannot it it, i think. That's y he's asking for the 'ketam bunga' kind.

布布 said...

happy birthday!!
i love u and the crab...
next time bring me there again!!

Roses said...

issit?!?! Muslim only can eat ketam bunga?!?
but it's crab too and all crabs are amphibian, aint they?!?
hmmm..i have no idea...someone, enlighten me

warrior2 said...

roses, all I know is that moslems cant eat the ketam batu.
Generally, "animals" that live on both world, land and sea is prohibited.
Flower carb is an aquatic "animal"

Roses said...

alright..now i know..thanks
i know that bit about animals on both world but i didnt know flower crab is aquatic animal...

shame on my ignorance..