Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watcha doing...???

Craps......damn rats. The rats ate my only bread this morning. My niece accidentally left the back door opened last nite and it crept in. So, all hell broke loose as I was trying to shoo it out....and this was while watching the olympics opening...*sigh* I missed Malaysia's march.
I remember back in the old days (...why I sound so old ar??) when we kampung boys would gather to play football, bola "chap"and police n thief. I also remembered when one of my kampung buddies said that all the craps that we were playing were getting dull. So we invented a game called "The Fireballs". The game requires precise handling and skills that not many would dare to play. It was like a social experiment and we grew to like it......*grin* we are sick bastards.
1. Rat's trap
2. Kerosine
3. Matches or lighter....preferably matches
4. .....and of course, a rat
1. Catch a rat...(not with your bare hands lar) in a regular rat's trap..the besi thingy
2. Gather your "The Fireballs" gang to your house's back lane....preferably with longkang one.
3. Pour kerosine on the rat
4. Light 'em up
5. Open the rat trap
6. Let the race begin.....
7. The winner is the one whose rat squeeled the loudest and cross the finish line.
Yeah...i know. Damn lame and sick. What kinda person would torture animals and burn 'em up...(err...can call rats animals ah?) It sound kinda funny and we laughed about it when we were young. But as we got older, we began to despise ourselves for doing it. I'm not condoning my actions nor am I proud to say the least......but what has happened, happened. It was a very mean thing to do, I admit and will most certainly not do it again.


Roses said...

i need this. cause i just found a

RAT in my own house

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pisses you off rite. be sure to put all edible stuff where they cant reach em, otherwise kongsi lor....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Rat make on the table like Doraemon. Thank god my house have no rats...but got roaches...damn! =.=

Pete said...

Cleff : U can try fireball roaches!

Roses said...

i am proud to say i have no fear for rats or roaches. coz i can kill them both if i spot them..hehehe
used to be a life-saver in female dormitory..

Jasonmumbles said...

Evil. Haha!

I once put a cage into a pail and pour a boiling hot water into it. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha, roaches, I'm not scared of them. I'd squashed them on the spot with a newspaper and everytime, without fail, the gooey yellow thingie i think it's their intestine will ooze out. But rats... ewwwww! They make me squeal and jump! Rose, you go girl! You're my superhero!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hehehe...looked like i'm not the only one that's "evil".

clef : try taking a video when you dance around with the rat and share with us...hahaha

pete : roaches are not that fast. they just scramble around with no direction. rats are better, they look for water

roses : wah...damn daring. surely your house will be splattered with ooze and rats intestines...what'll your mom say? hehehe

jason : thanks for visiting bro. your method also very calat. pure

Roses said...

my mom beaming proud but she will start to suspect my gender due to the excessive violent acts. perhaps i am a boy after all~

Malaysian Joe said...

Rats... I remember Sixth form... we catch those rodents from the market.. as big as a cat... we tried dousing them with choloroform.. but those freaks just wont go to sleep... so we took them in the cage to a nearby river.. we tie a rope to the end and we drift the cage into the water.. you feel them thump on the cage as if you have a blue marlin tugging at your line... and after a while it tug no more... tadaaa.. you have a drowned bloated rodent ready for you to disect.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

all : we really are sick people....hahaha,

mjoe : hope that you're no longer doing

Anonymous said...

Ewww! you all are such sickos... those creature, so kesian... :-S

But i can't say i'm not a sicko too, becoz I bombed an ant nest with a bunch of boys when i was in form 4.