Monday, August 4, 2008

Heboh kepala otak hang!!!

I was very much looking forward for time off with my wife this weekend. Rach was all alone at home for the whole week and I can tell from the look of her face that she was dead bored. So since we're movie addicts, we decided to watch The X Files and The Mummy Returns. Little did I know that TV3's Sure Heboh was in town.....(bloody baggers!!!)..
Bloody hell!! Those baggers really shook up the town.......and if I may say this, Sure Heboh thingy mostly attracts the Malays, not many Chinese or Indians. They open up tents selling low quality products in the middle of town, giving away cheap stuff that you will not use and all this is smacked right under the hot Malaysian sun. I do not want to sound like a bloody racist......which I'm not, but the massive traffic jams caused by the Mat Rempits, child "gangster" wannabes and Proton "EVO" suckers, can really piss you off and I felt like giving "the finger" to each and everyone of them. I've also received word from my friends that youngsters actually turned themselves into Bohsias and Bohjans during the carnival because the police is sooooo damn busy directing the traffic. No wonder the Perak's muftis declared that the carnival as haram as it encourages vice and immoral activities.......(damn true man!!)
The concept is ok..(for those who likes sun tanning in the afternoon!) but can't they bloody move their spot to the outskirts of town. I'm sure their so called fans would generously waste their petrol and money to go there.
On Saturday, I was late for X Files because of the jam.......but even worse, the movie sucked. I have not been an X Files fan before and will never be. The plot, well to me there was no plot. You can see Mulder and Scully in bed together (didnt know when did that happen??), a pervert priest who has psychic abilities (he has tears of blood *smirks*), and a serial kidnapper who kills for body parts for his half dead brother professor (who has body parts from like....everybody). My verdict, better go watch Tom & Jerry.
I've bought the tickets to The Mummy Returns much earlier for Sunday, anticipating the massive crowd of movie goers. Due to the bloody jam and all, Rach and I decided to go an hour earlier. But to our suprise, there wasn't a jam. I guess the Malay folks also fed up already.....As before, the movie was great. But I think Jet Li's career in Hollywood will not be as hot as Jackie's or even Chow Yuen Fatt's due to the language barrier...
After the movie, I thought to myself...pls let there be no jam. And lo and behold!!! The bloody jam. This Sure Heboh roadshow has been slapping my ass cheeks for years now (and its already bloody should've seen my face) and it was time for me to retaliate. I drove all the way to their site, opened up my window and shouted "SURE HEBOH ! SURE HEBOH !! HEBOH KEPALA OTAK HANG !!!"....


Anonymous said...

LOL... chill, Calvin. My weekend was not that great either. Learn from me lah, next time watch those movies online, save money. Free summore. Ahahaha...( Cleff is a pirate supporter)

Honestly, I agree with you don't sound like a racist at all, cuz that is the fact that the sure heboh attracted more malays...

What you expect huh? Sure heboh surely give a good reason for those mat rempit and gangsters wannabe to gather. :-(

Ayu-Dcs said...

benci sure heboh......sbb takde zed zaidi and aqasha...hahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

Err... I will be contradicting myself... while Sure heboh is an irritant... it sure is a fine place to sell things.. :)

Rainman said...

clef : they've also wasted tonnes of money on fireworks last nite....sigh

ayu : ya benci sure heboh...hidup calvin..hehehe

m joe : cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap. wat say you?

Pete said...

Clef, agree with u. Watch online better. LOL

warrior2 said...

Hey Calvin,,
My first time here and as usual, needs sometime to "study" the blog. Give me a few days and I know what kind of blog yours is.

Meanwhile, was it sureheboh or that Akademi Fantasia the Musical Group? Anyway, it has always being the case that whenever there is a concert of an activity like the sureheboh thing, 99% of those who went are malays.

Out of that 99%, a few percent will get screwed.

Somehow, malays dig these kind of things. Dont know why though

Anonymous said...

....uncle warrior and Kevin also come here. LOL... I can smell some storm brewing. Hahaha.

Yalorr pete....I never go to cinema... the last was since 1992, my birthday to watch Jurassic park with my dad.I feel that it's not really worth spending some amount of money to watch it just for one time when i either can watch for free online or buy pirated and watch a few times til I get sick of it.

*goes to dig The Mummy& Mummy Return pirated DVD somewhere in the Cd rack*

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef... 1992.. u are indeed in Jurassic Age.. :).

Seriously.. you want good DVDs.. spend a bit more for HD Version or BlueRay DVD copy version... worth the extra few bucks.

Rainman said...

pete : cannot wait for the download. very slow in kuantan.

warrior2 : my blog has got no direction. just blabbers, my own thoughts and critisisms on the govt...hehehe

clef : want to pak tor with my wife mah.....kuantan very sien one. nothing to do at night. im not a clubbing kaki, disco or such. so movies the only solution.....ur last movie in 1992? walouwey!!!! that's like history in the

m joe : you got to have a good system to watch blue ray otherwise no effect....i guess you're a high tech freak like me as well....hahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

blue ray DVD - pirate copy!!!! hahaha.. RM14/pc only... gosh..

I am not sure how many copies I can afford if I were to buy ori blue ray hahaha...

yeah.. I am a tech freak like you but more of a sight and sound freak... but with a family now, I need to "change my lifestyle".

Seriously, getting good pirate copy makes viewing a pleasure but these days Thai copies are of much lower quality.

Calvin Soo KJ said... into sound but mostly more into music instruments. i'm a drummer called "semi-pro" but tak boleh cari makan in kuantan lar..*sigh*