Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My asshole hurts !!

The last 2 days was very uneventful. Yeah, no doubt i did close some major deals on Monday but just so you asshole hurts. Yup!! You read it right. My asshole....
I went to the panel clinic this morning (I developed quite a close relationship with the doc since last year after the bank approved his housing loan application), and struck a conversation with the doctor :-
Calvin : Morning doc.
Doctor : Mornin'. Aiyo! You again ar...young man. What's wrong this time?
Calvin : What do you mean this time? I did not see you for like 6 months now....
Doctor : Oh...yakah. My bad. wassup?
Calvin : My backside pain lar doctor. 2 days oredy. Dun know how it happened.
Doctor : Come and let my look.....point to me where it hurts. *pointing* here ah? or here ah?
Calvin : Here lah doctor....*pointing to my ass crack on my left*
Doctor : How pain isit? Very pain or little pain or damn pain?
Calvin : Very pain when I try to stand up after sitting down, when I want to enter the car.
Doctor : *thinking*....errrr, dun mind me asking ah? how is your sex life?
Calvin : What????
Doctor : Your sex life just married rite? Anything special that you did last few days?
Calvin : *scratching my head* Nothing special lor....just normal. But my wife got red flag wor...
So didnt do anything.
Doctor : *smiling* You both play anal ar?
Calvin : *shocked* No lar think my sex life like ham tai (porn) meh?
Doctor : Sure or not...*grinning*. Ok lah. I cannot check further. But I advise you to go for Xray.
Today can or not?
Calvin : Ok doctor mah
And so i left with his recommendations to our local Kuantan Specialist Hospital and did my Xray. Thank god there was no fracture or broken bones or such....just some minor muscle pull. They gave me some pain killers and muscle relaxant. Before my ordeal, I cant help but wonder the feeling of someone sodomising you....and now I know. Don't try it at home...believe me, you wouldnt want to know.


Malaysian Joe said...

You kena sodoi ah???? WHOA!!!

Anonymous said...

Calvin*gasps*. Just...What...Did...You...Did? LMAO!

Pete said...

Sodomee III !

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....hmmm.... Prince AnWar II? LOL

Anonymous said...

wah lau e!
wat u did? until ass hole muscle pull one?

shake ass too much or wat?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

mjoe : looks like it. better head off to the police station to complaint about anwar third and latest victim...hahah

clef : doc said....overactive. lol

pete : wanna try? lol

garfield : either anwar did it or some hungry sex ghost..hahaha

Malaysian Joe said...

Ini kes really naiya one.. hahaha... make sure don't shit yet.. make sure can get DNA sample!!!

LOL.... now police can have indefatigable evidence..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... you men are lol... Calvin, how is your ass today? Lmao... oppss, i shouldn't laugh my ass out...later pain like you. :-D

zarni said...

dude, can't imagine your sex life would be!!! I dont think someone sodomising you. May be you do it yourselves!!!! Haurgh! Huargh! huargh!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

all : my ass is getting better. can drive and sit properly now. hahaha......zarni, you wanna try?

Roses said...

sodomy?!? not interested. hehehehe
but one hell cool doctor u got there..
glad that ur ass is doing fine now..