Thursday, August 21, 2008

Betul betul kanasai !!!


"As the Minister of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage, we should be instilling good culture in the young but here we are allowing other parties to organise things," Shafie Apdal said Wednesday after launching the IDeAS for enhancing Integrity book.
Is he using his brains before saying this publicly. Is he saying Avril has a bad influence on our youths? Hey, come on!!! Wake up!!!
Asked if he knew why they had promoted the concert before it was approved, he said he did not know. Asked if the Ministry's decision was in response to PAS Youth's call for cancellation, he said "no."
What do they know? CRAPS !!! If I'm not mistaken, Avril's concert and adverts promos has been done since July. Did you not see the papers? Your head is stuck between your ass crack isit? You cant stand up for yourself and the ministry when PAS's pressure cooker burst? No balls !!!! If you wanna cancel the concert, even before they protest, you shouldve done it already!!!
Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal said that the concert falls during the nation's independence period and was not a suitable time to hold such a concert.
quote..."Yes,there will be a lot of programs to celebrate the Merdeka Day but can't the concert and those programs which always seem to be same every year being organised in the same day. Why the Minister say the concert being organised in the not suitable time? Even this month is Merdeka Month, it nothing to do with the concert. The government can even use this chance to enhance the so called love our country spirit during the concert. I do love Malaysia even i am watching the concert" unquote...taken from the citizen's blog (the star online) - posted by jng1118.
This is clearly an indication that our once most beloved nation's leaders are still living in the "Stone Age" era. Dissapointed fans will be cursing their arse off. After this stint, do you really think Avril would want to come back to Malaysia for her promos. Or for that matter, any other foreign celebrities?? What is the meaning of "MERDEKA" ......FREEDOM, you twits!!! Here's to you govt people......*extends middle finger*...NAAHHHHHH!!! $!%&!!@


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

hi.. thanks for dropping by at my blog..

which pete r u refering to?

i'm still studying in aust..

the recent blog about Juwita Suwito was in Curtin University here @ Perth..

or were u asking which church is she from? if this is ur Q.. i'm not too sure.. all i know is that she's a Christian Artist in Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

WTF DNAMCC!!!They canceled Avril's concert? Kanasai assholes....what are we supposed to watch then? Nasyid or Jom Heboh stupid asshole freaks? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Malaysian Joe said...

wahhh... Calvin swearing at the G.. LOL.. actually the funniest one was, it co-incides with our Merdeka celebrations... that was pretty lame.. but on the flipside it could be true.. its not a celebration. Its a time for mourning.. the departure of BN.. :). Hence no concert.. we should have tahlil prayers for BN.

Kell^ said...

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

kimmy : peter lim, i think he commented on you baking biscuits or something, we're a "gang" you see. and everywhere that pete went, i follow....hehehe. ya, juwita suwito is a malaysian christian artiste based in dumc (damansara utama methodist church). she has an english album out in the market as well. she has got a beautiful voice, a producer and a vocal instructor.

clef : ROAR!!!! you sound like a lion, clef. hahaha. ya, im damn pissed even when im not going for the concert. what happens if there's another artiste say...mj coming to town. they will say "yang dikasihi en mj, oleh kerana hidung tuan dan pakaian tuan manjijikan, kami kerajaan malaysia terpaksa menolak permintaan tuan untuk menganjurkan concert tuan di sini. akan tetapi, jikalau tuan berconcert juga, tuan mj terpaksa memakai songkok ataupun serban PAS hijau dan menyanyi nasyid. ini bukannya bermakna tuan boleh menari sambil menunjuk-nunjuk anu tuan di atas pentas, kerana ini boleh menyebabkan pemuda-pemudi di malaysia stim dan mudah dipengaruhi oleh tuan. tuan juga hanya boleh menganjurkan concert tuan pada hari hari berikutnya 1. hari krismas (sebab kami bukan kristian), hari tahun baru cina (sebab kami bukan cina) dan hari deepavali (sebab kami bukan india)...lain-lain hari tak boleh, sebab yang lain hari kita....sedia maklum".....

mjoe: we should all wear black during merdeka....*sobsob* malaysia, dead.

kell : drop some comments on your blog. added yours to mine. thanks for visiting....cheers

Pete said...

Wah, Calvin, Bruce Lee is famous for the 'One Inch Punch'. Yours is the 'One Thumb Punch', Ha Ha. LOL!

Chris said...

Islam is sucks!! So narrow-minded and shallow!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I wouldn't go as far as that and say Islam sucks, narrow minded and shallow. I still have respect for the religion itself, but not the extreme 'devotees'.

For me, I'm just against those extremist...Malaysia got too much influence from the middle east as well as Indonesia, that is why Islam in Malaysia sucks like hell. The way they implement Islam in Malaysia is simply screwed up.

Hmm...imagine mj wearing songkok or turban...awww... no bling bling? LOL...Calvin... when you write in's much more funnier than in english...menunjuk anu? pemuda-pemudi stim? Hahaha...shit, i must stop laughing!

Roses said...

the nerves to cancel Avril show..what did she do??!?! she's not even Mariah carey the last time i remembered.. (pstt: no "seng choi" to wear too exposing also)

i don't understand the religion and the people anymore. the Islamic religion that i know in other countries weren't such an extreme. the religion itself is kind and smooth.

no more foreign angmo bands coming next time..bye bye

lcfu said...

hahaha... i have no comment for this as i only believe myself ya...
ps: i doubt i have time to show you around, you are not that lucky as i have started working already

Roses said...

dont mad liaw everybadee..

the concert resumes...

Chris said...

I think they over "use" of the religion. Anything happen juz put the religion as an excuse.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, i have another kungfu style, middle finger shaolin

chris, islam only sux when those idiotic extreme morons comes into play. i have many muslim frens, they also say PAS sux, some also say BN sux. it depends on individuals, but i wont go as far as critisizing the religion by itself.

clef, you got it rite gurl...

roses, got to know that the govt flers approved the concert last minute. so avril's back. but the nerves to pull a stunt like that about a week before the show...i guess the takut the people will retaliate and so that people in penang will vote for BN...but kalah oso...hahaha

lcfu, thanks for dropping by. you start work oredy ar....damn, too late.