Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where to get cheap branded men's clothings in Kota Bahru?

I was in Kota Bahru last Monday till Wednesday for my business trip, visiting clients and of course to enjoy a different panorama compared to lowly Kuantan. The trip took us approx 5 hours going thru the Jerangau highway, zig zagging along the stretch of oil palm estates. Upon reaching there, we checked in to Flora Bay Hotel. It was kinda cheap, costing us RM128 a night. The trip was exhausting but worth while. For that, I give credit to my colleague in Pasir Mas branch, Sabri. Bro, if you're reading this, I would like to say "Dah lepah dah beh......"
Anyways, if you are in Kota Bahru, this is must go place located along the road to Pantai Cahaya Bulan....also known as PCB. The shop sells a variety of mens' clothings. Do not be fooled by the state of the building, as inside, they sell DKNY, Versace, Dunhill, Ralph Lauren and so many more branded goods. Ranging from jeans, khakis, shirts to T-shirts, they are all actually rejected items. No, it is not like the ones you can buy from Reject Shop coz these were actually shipped directly from their boutiques in the States, France and Italy. You ask me...."Are you sure or not??" This was what I asked the owner, who wears a kain pelekat, a torn pagoda shirt and slippers....This is what he said "Beh....baju-baju kawe semua import-import belako. Demo tengok pelekat kotak nu....dari Amerika, Perancih, Yi-talie...semuo orang puteh belako" which translates to " goods were all imported. Look at the stickers on those boxes. All from the States, France, Italy....all Mat Salleh's". And true enough, they really were imported. And to reconfirm this, he has a credit facility with the Bank of which he uses a Trade line to import these goods.
I didnt bring down my camera, and so I took these with my hp.

The shop's called Wangsa Mewangi Enterprise. Some of the items are not as cheap as you think though. Take for example Replay. The original price tagged on the jeans was GBP150 to GBP200 which translates to more than RM1K.

and that is Zarni concentrating his search for his small size shirts. Oh...and before I forget, the shirt sizes here are mostly for those with sizes M and above. If you're a size S, then you will find a hard time searching for your choice. Orang puteh size big mah..... :)

and these are the assortment of jeans available there.
So, what can we conclude here. That Kota Bahru is not as Ulu as you think. The papers sometimes exxagerate and input negative remarks on Kota Bahru just because it is a PAS state. The people are friendlier, the food is kinda cheap and delish, their women are gorgeous and stunning, the environment is not congested...and yes, they do have Wi-Fi at almost every place....... two thumbs up for the Islamic state.


taizizi said...

i am from there
but i dono there's such a place there

LOL, so u can understand cakap kelate as well liao?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

taizizi, yes i can. in fact, most of the malay dialect....cakap kelate, hok t'ganu, name it. i think it's becoz im baba and i have lots of malay friends. you're still in kb? next time im there, maybe we can go for a drink... :)

taizizi said...

oh icic
in fact, i don really can speak & understand
but basic one stil okie

i am now studying in kl
will only go back durin holidays lo
ya okay~ :)

suituapui said...

All over RM100, where got cheap? But at least not imitation ones like at Golok,eh? Anyway, sure don't have my size... LOL!!!

Josephine said...

so rial... so rial...
satu ringgit????


This is what i know only...

fufu said...

we have wi-fi everywhere now, its very common nowadays =)

reanaclaire said...

yes, i heard of KB.. eventhough PAS rules but it is OK... No problem, man... even better than IPOH then.. haha.. next time, know who to vote huh..

cleffairy said...

*faints* I have bad experience in Kelantan...couldn't adapt to their environment there, couldn't understand the dialect, couldn't really take the food(cuz too sweet)... but I must say, i have a blast at those PCB batik boutique... SO CHEAPPPPPPP!

Gallivanter said...

Any website called


chrisau said...

not cheap leh..or maybe u r rich. :)

Chris said...

Oh? not an imidation?

Kellaw said...

nola. we call it "malaysian originals"
now you become shop promoter liao. hahaha

reanaclaire said...

hello fren..still in KB ah? no new updates of KB, KCB or what... dont be so lazy la.. come on..give us some entertainment here.. right guys??

amoker said...

What do you actually do Cal?

Anyway, the real stuff are actually in Bandung. I am quite fussy about cheap real stuff.. but they have some there. Be careful as they also have manufactured ones. So, if they have a lot in sizes... be careful.