Friday, February 27, 2009

Foodie test....Crocodile Rock, Kuantan

Since its TGIF......and we do not have a Friday's restaurant in Kuantan, Rachel and I decided to head on to Crocodile Rock Restaurant located along Jalan Teluk Sisek, heading to Kuantan's beach spot Teluk Chempedak. Croc Rock is actually a bungalow turned restaurant. The atmosphere is cosy, very much like your own house, with a room filled with music instruments for you to play while awaiting your foodies, which was absolutely delicious. Enough said and let these pictures say for themselves.....


The menu


My Sling Fizz @ RM8-50


Rachel's Mint Paradise also @ RM8-50


Caesar Salad @ RM10-50


Garlic bread @ RM4-00


We simply adore this Mushroom Soup @ RM6-50


Rachel had this Tenderloin Steak made to perfection @ RM49-00


....while I stuff myself with a Sirloin Steak @ RM33-00


and for dessert, we had Banana Pizza @ 18-00. It sure looked funny but tastes simply delicious. They've added honey, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, cream and of course lotsa lotsa banana. Yummy!!


The total bill came up to RM147-00 including tax, a lil bit expensive for the local's to pay, but it is definitely worth it. Sure to visit them again....but not too soon :)


Anonymous said...

bro...r u using a DSLR? The pics are damn great!!! I really gotta learn to take pics like these but ....need to get a gear first. :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

chrisau.....yup. all with my canon 40d.

foongpc said...

Yummy!! Love the mushroom soup! And the caesar salad. And the garlic bread. And the steak. And the banana pizza! All of it! Makes me so hungry now! : )

eunice said...

nice food, but yeah, not cheap! As a Singaporean, usually I will go find food cheaper than SG hehe

Kikey Loo said...

the foods look so yummy thru your photos, u really good in taking food photo, teach me!!

Kellaw said...


Celine Mook said...

The caesar salad looks damn chio! Is that bacon on top?

Agnes Sim said...

wow...foods look tasty...but price not cheap also wo...hehe

suituapui said...

A bit expensive, but cheaper than some hotels even around here...but what's most important is it is yummy!!!...That owner must be an Elton John fan! Restaurant got karaoke or not?

reanaclaire said...

wah wei... 2 persons can wallop so much? wa lau eh... but i love the sirloin steak.. i heard it is very with my own eyes.. really ye..
nv mind.. once a blue moon, kena belanja sendiri dan bini.. :)

GregChai said...

for a moment i thought i'm going to read about crocodile meat hehehe ... picture's great bro ... tabik la

Joanne Lee said...

batu buaya. LUL! food looks good. i hunger!

fufu said...

wow its not that cheap to dine in kuantan, as expensive as those restaurant in kl

amoker said...

Hey not bad. That is another place to go in Kuantan...

The steak is almost KL price, but drinks are cheap.

eugene said...

Pandai you bro, bawa Rachel makan makan minum minum over the weekend, keep it up, that's the way it should be, spending quality time with someone with love dearly

Calvin Soo KJ said...

foongpc, you just love everything, dont'

eunice, once in a blue moon ok lor...if everyday, then id be having sand for luch :P

kikey, trial and error when taking my pictures. learned whilst going thru mags like digital photography, outdoor photography from the uk. since you're there, then there's no prob getting the mags.... :)

kellaw, *burp!!* :P

celine, yup. delicious bacon from the land down under... :)

agnes, was not cheap but worth every penny.

stp, definitely not cheap. once in a while ok lar...hehehehe. what made you think that they're elton's fan??? the name of the place??

reana, i told my wife not to have lunch....hehehehe. my stomach like tong sampah ma.....we didnt had breakfast the next day. too full :)

ungreg, ive not tried croc meat before. they said you can taste it in aussie. :P thanks for the compliments. will try better next time.

joanne, your translation sounded quite croc's balls ?????

fufu, the lifestyle in ktn is a mirror to that of kl. even the houses are so damn expensive nowadays. but we do still have cheap good restaurants around, to cater for the locals. croc rock is not an everyday affair. once in 3 months should be fair :)

amoker, its kinda expensive but it was really good. drinks, cheap??? at rm8-50 i can have my dinner already anyways, i would recommend the restaurant to anyone, anytime :)

eugene, it was all sudden. we thought of ta paoing from a hawker centre. but since we had not been dining in someplace special for quite sometime, we headed there. biler mau come kuantan??? bring along your family lar....

Grace said...

oh lord, honey chocolate and LOTSA BANANA ON ONE PIZZA? *dies of happiness overload* haha