Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New sports rim and foodie galore

My 2 year old Iswara was calling out to me 2 pairs of new slippers!!!! And I gave in. Last Monday, I took the opportunity to visit the tyre shop adjacent to my house, only to do some alignment and balancing on my car tyres (they're original ones btw). As I was wondering around the shop, just glancing thru the array of sports rims sold there, this particular black red 15"one was the one standing out. And so, I called the owner over just to check out the price, not knowing that I was jinxed into buying one. He calculated and calculated and alas gave me a price. RM1,100-00 plus 4 new Dunlop tyres 195/60 for comfort. The price includes balancing and alignment. Without even thinking twice, I said "Sitou!!! Kasi tukar sama dia!!" And lo and behold, my gorgeous sports rim. The black colour rims compliments my black car body. And since its black, I would be able to save time by not washing them often....hehehehe.


.......and these simple but delicious dishes were made by Rachel on Chap Goh Mei dinner


This should be the 4 Vege Kings but we managed to get hold of only 3 vege.


Mixed vege and meat wrapped in fu-chuk


le originale chicken


Ikan Bawal Emas with sambal masam manis.....nyonya style


.....and to smoothen the flow of meat down the throat, there must be Herbal Chicken Soup

and oh......these, we had over at East Grill Restaurant, Kuantan

Chicken salad
Cream of brocolli which comes with adorable buns.....didnt have the chance to snap at them coz I've gobbled em down.
Mum's helping......Chicken something.
Rachel had this, Chicken and Lamb Steak

......and this was mine, 10 ounce Sirloin Steak made to perfection.


curryegg said...

Nice sports rim you have there! Gorgeous! And I never know that you can snap such a beautiful photos on FOOOD! Make me drooling... ;(

Calvin Soo KJ said...

curryegg, that my job. try to get my readers to drool....hehehehe. i cant get over my sports rim. i know they're cheap ones but i just cant help it *grins*.

Josephine said...

For me, to have nice sports rims or not to have them are the same.
The 4 slippers will still do their work. They still can bring me here and there.

Caffery said...

Nice sports rim! It might fit well with mine too, mine is red (not purple).

Yaya, black one don't need to wash often. =P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jo, for men sports rims is like your lv or coach bag. and mine costs so much cheaper than an LV. :) well, you are kinda wrong now to ensure you have good tyres....and im not talking about rims. good tyres (mostly expensive ones) will ensure that your drive is smoother and safer. so its good to always check the wear and tear of your car tyres every 7,000km, just for realignment and balancing.

caffery, i reckon your car is red as well...hehehehe.

Andrik McVean said...

wow..that is very nice foods made me feel so very most hungry-iest

Calvin Soo KJ said...

andrik, good. then ive achieved my make your hungry and drool over my photos.....muahahahaha *grins* thanks andrik. do drop by often ya ..cheers and god bless :)

Kikey Loo said...

chicken salad n Ikan Bawal Emas very tempting me..

p/s: maybe we can meet at London. lol.. :D

Lisalicious said...

wahhh your car's selipar very the expensive lor


btw, very tempting food photos "-_-

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGG... you eat so much nice food for Chap goh mei ah? *sigh* I got stuck with veggies, veggies and more veggies cuz my MIL is a strict vegan. :-(

Anonymous said...

nice cool rims bro!!
wow..i always admired your pics on food! I love the sirloin steak...looks damn yummy!!

Rashai said...

now you make me droll..... btw, did you eat all of those? :-)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kikey, i wont be there just yet. still counting my money, not sure when i can step my foot on english soil... :)

lisa, its actually not that expensive. there are those costing rm5k and above. mine is considered very cheap. did i make you drool? ....hehehehe

clef, all thanks to rachel. she's improving very fast. but have to rely on books and my mom. cannot be independent yet :P

chrisau, thanks. my rims are way cool!!!! :P the sirloin is very good....medium rare. sweet and juicy. i'll be having summore this valentine's day.....hehehehe

rashai, i ate some. not all....i dont wanna have my tummy

Josephine said...

Thanks for the advice!
I am so shame of myself! After 10 years of driving, I pump petrol not more than 10 times!!!
Can u believe this?

I drive only, the rest of the things like checking water, change engine oil, pump petrol.... all done my papa...

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

fwaahhhh gorgeous rims man!! It's almost kissed by the ferrari horse haha

reanaclaire said...

hi Cal..i m still trying to think what the new tyres got to do with the chap goh meh food... 2 in one post...
so the solution is.. "your best day of your CNY" is chap goh meh..
u have 2 great gifts..
one is the new sparkling red babes and of course, the drooling food..

chey.. what am i babbling about?

Caffery said...

You have saw me race over some roads in Penang before? How you reckon that one is me? haha... =P

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jo, no need to be ashamed lor....we learn by experience. not only you, most ladies the same...heheheh, even for my wife. it's good to know some car knowledge, else if you go to the mechanics, they "cekik" you until berlubang....hehehehe

aronil, i wish they were....hahahaha.

reana, there's no connection whatsoever. just that i changed the rims and tyres on chap goh mei, and my wife cooked that nite. :)

caffery, red rims sure goes with red car lor.....i wouldnt want to put red rims with a yellow car, now would i? :P

Shinky said...

Eh you spend so much but don't want to show off some more of your rims ah? ^.^