Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm married at last !!

At last, after months of preparation, it's finally over. I'm a married man. Whew !! What a relief. I'll keep it short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking.....

The flower....arrangements by Quenna Bridal, Kuantan. It's a thumbs up for me.
The "heng tais" from left...chew, hugh, ah yan, ah hou, me, ah chun, low giong, kok, the thorn among the roses wendy and last but not least the "tiger woods" wannabe..zarni.

The 3278. TOTO anyone?

Kena raging by the "chee muis".... a disposable underwear and 2 apples dangling on my chest

Heng tai chew biting a big chunk of apple from my

The rings.....(could not afford a diamond, this will do at the moment) :)

The wedding procession...Rachel with her dad (a handsome fellow I would say). Kena brush my father in law a bit lar...
Praise & Worship session...lead by Jessel
The family photo..bottom from left, mom, me & Rach (little Phoebe), naughty Nichol, Cindy, Un Tan, Ee Jen, Ivan, my sis and bro in law...
The teapot used for the "cham char" session. Was informed that the same teapot was used by my sis on her wedding....sweet :)
The nite dinner menu....scrumptious dinner provided by Kamunlau Restaurant, Kuantan (thumbs up as well..)
Something different for the guests to give their well wishes (created by Ruth)...You pen down your wishes on small cards and hang them on the tree. Excellent idea, I must say but the man
hours for it....XOXOXO to Ruth
Francis Tan's wishes...Be fruitful and multiply..God's instruction. To Francis : I'll try my best, gotto try Tongkat Ali for this...hehehe :P
The champagne pouring session....the cork got poped out nice but the glass is a bit to high...2 bottles not enough
Singing for my beloved by Jim Brickman, "The love of my life". How was it? You've got to ask the cutting of album though.
The family nite photo. In the middle, beautiful Ruth who helped my tremendously. Hardly anytime to get a personal photo with her...what will we do without you. XOXOXOXO from me & Rach.
These are only a few of the photos taken on my wedding day. Rach & I decided not to get a wedding package. Saved me about RM3K......If you want to view the rest of my photos, feel free to surf to Rachel's friendster homepage and grab as many as you want.
We shall be flying to Bali for our honeymoon this Saturday. Zarni....will be buying back the same "gift" you got for me in Bali....maybe try to get a vibrating


Ruth said...

WAH! I feel SO honoured to see my name mentioned several times in ur blog!! *HUGZZZ to u & Rach* Thanks for the opportunity to help out in ur wedding :P It was great joy & fun doing the guest tree, guest book, helping out with the registration & OF COURSE seeing u both married!! I want ALLLLLL the photos!!!! Burn into CD/DVD for me!!!! THANKS! XOXOXO

Pete said...

Congratulation Calvin!