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Pro-mark Sticks...the essential

For all drummers, another essential tool that they need of course is the drum sticks. They are many companys around the world who manufacturers excellent sticks. Among them are Vic Firth Sticks, Vater Sticks and Zildjian Sticks. As for me, being a semi-profiessional (coughs!), endorses (cough, coughs!!) Pro-Mark sticks, as their tag line said it all....the world's finest sticks.

Pro-mark was founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein. The types of wood used to produce their brand are American Hickory (a type of hardwood from Southeastern US), Japanese White Oak (also known as Shira Kashi) and Maple. Other woods sometimes used for drumsticks include birch, ash, rosewood, lancewood, and ebony. The three main woods used differs in sizes, different specific gravity and moisture content. However, this does not mean that the the woods are better than the other, it is the drummer's personal decision. Choosing the "best" drumstick is a very personal decision. Many drummers have not yet discovered how much better they could play using the correct stick. It's not unusual for professionals to use 2 or 3 different models or more.

....and here's a picture of Pro-marks founder, Mr Herb Brochstein. Mr Brochstein has been in the music industry since 1941-- including work in live performance, television, and commercial recording. He's also been a teacher, a drum shop owner, and full time music retailer. He started his drumming interest from the age of twelve when WWII started and most of the pro-drummers were drafted, he began getting calls to play....for money of course! While in Chicago, Herb met Buddy Rich (a legendary drummer) and formed a close friendship that lasted until Buddy's death. (excerpts taken from

TX3RW Wood Tip
One of the American Hickory Sticks endorsed by Peter Criss (legendary Kiss drummer)

Another Peter Criss's endorsement using Natural Hickory wood

TXSD9W Teddy Campbell

TX717W Rick Latham series
My personal favourite. Currently, I have 4 pairs of these at home. Been using this since 2006.

R Rods
Mostly used to control the acoustics in a small Eric Clapton's acoustics concert. R Rods are constructed of bamboo dowels surrounding maple handles and movable "O" rings. The result is a unique feel, excellent rebound and added durability.

A different type of rod made of nylon bristles and feature solid "O" rings. The sound produce is much softer than the traditional Hot Rods.

Dubbed SMAX™, these new specialty sticks are available in soft (stock #SMAX), medium (stock #SMAXX), and hard (stock #SMAXXX), and are made of high-impact poly-vinyl. The handle is made of premium grade American hickory. The hardness variation produces a unique range of sounds from somewhat delicate to sharp and aggressive.

and of course...the drum key, for tuning your drum heads fast and is durable.

"Ray Luzier" endorses AHW5B Series
Ray has been tonnes of experience and has played for many, many musicians. Among them are Richard Patrick (Filer, NIN), Billy Sheehan (DLR, Mr Big, Steve Vai), The Nixons, John 5, Slash, Seal, Kirk Hammett, David Lee Roth and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Currently, he has is performing live concerts for Korn and is touring the US.

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