Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to work

After an absence of 3 weeks, it's time to get back to work...sigh. However, during my annual leave, I kept mumbling and grumbling about how boring life is without a job and how I wish I was back at work.Monday came and voila.....aiya, why so soon ah? Funny how the brain works.
Back in the office, I tried to catch up with things. But i was so "lembap" and sleepy. I ended up drinking 5 cups of coffee straight. Yup....but it felt worse. Thankfully, i met Hussairil during lunch and made plans with him for tea later in the evening at Coffee Street :) - you're my savior bro.
On Tuesday, i met up with my customers and prospects in Gebeng. Also twitched my laptop with an additional 512mb Ram and a 160gb external hard drive. Later at nite, fetched Rach back to Kemaman and arrived back in Kuantan at about 11pm. Met up with Low Giong (old ginger) at Meng Yong Restaurant for our usual Kopi Peng.
Tonite, i'll be travelling back to Kemaman to fetch Rach and head off to watch Hellboy 2 att 11pm....after 3 long weeks of non-movie sessions, we decided to go all out for movies this week. Eye bags

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payaso said...

one of those places that m planning to visit.