Monday, July 28, 2008

Mercs for Protons


This is really great. We Malaysians are complaining on the high price of petrol and cost of living, the Terengganu government went on and bought 14 new Mercs. They complained that Proton's maintenance if too high compared to the Mercs. RM1million for maintenance......wth! Proton claims that the cost should not have been that high. And now Proton is under ACA probe. According to their investigations, the Terengganu govt did not send the cars to authorised service centres. Who the heck cares where they send their cars for maintenance. What we want to know is why the state govt fellers spent so much on unnecessary heck of stuff. Talk about being patriotic ??!!
Our "beloved" PM already announced that the Terengganu govt cannot use the Mercs for themselves, instead the cars are only to be used for guests of state ro foreign delegates. Still, today the govt fellers used the Mercs because they said the ACA seized 8 of their Perdanas (so no transport woh) car use taxi or bus like everyone else lar.
I really do not want to blog or brag about our government (very sien already). We the rakyat are supposed to fully back them up, they on the other hand are supposed to back us up. Win, win mah....But ever since the last election, things has been from bad to worse. A minister opens his mouth, and eventually ends up eating up his own pun intended pun its a fact.
This is to the Terengganu govt fellers.....this is how you repay your loyal rakyat who voted for you. And for the rakyat.......any regrets voting for them/him? Think about it.


Pete said...

Ya, u r right, I am also very 'sien' with our country politics. Looking at the current situation, I wonder whether they have time to work for the rakyat!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

wat rakyat? all they can think of is their own ass.

Bigdaddy said...

dat's why la bro, i recomend you buy volvo! For life bro, summore maintenance cheaper than v6 one leee...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

i'm still happy with my iswara, thank you....i've still got some sense of patriotism...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi calvin. thank you for visiting my blog. i believe this is my first visit. Mercs for Protons... *sigh*

This is another issue that those court jesters serve to us. Our PM is a screw up feller...just look at where our country is heading-NOWHERE!

OMG, I'm so flared up just thinking about the government. they are not doing anything to tend to the citizens. I feel that we're all being punish for the BN's loss in the recent GE. Just look at what they are doing? Those unpopular decisions that they make. I believe they can actually do better than that! Or maybe, they know that they will totally be KO-ed next time, so now they loot and enjoy whatever they can before they are overthrown? LOL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

cleffairy : you said it right. Thieves usually robs at nite, but those bargers steals in broad day light. And the worse of it all, we cant do anything about it. Damn pissed off!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Calvin. Those people are legal gangsters and robbers...what can we do? Say something to pissed them off, they'll come and toss you into ISA...and they still have the cheek to say there press freedom and human rights in Malaysia. Opps. There is freedom, but there's no freedom AFTER speech.