Friday, July 25, 2008

DW dream machine

Many of my friends knows that I am a drummer. I started off drumming when I was in my fourth form. Like any other ordinary youth, my main aim at that time was to attract the gals....why the heck not? The girls' school was only right at the back of mine, there are tonnes of chicks to choose from, and it was one of the "thingy" to play music. One of my pals, Manokumar played drums (actually...only one type of beat lah). So he taught me for a week and I took on from there. Little did I know the wanna-pick-up-chicks-at-school stuff made me hooked on drums. Maybe because drums are really loud, or maybe its cool, or maybe its a way in which I could express myself. Enuff about me......see the logo up there. That logo represents one of the finest drum manufacturers in the world. If you are interested to know how the company began, click here (
Here are some of their beautiful products

Collector's Series Maple Drums using Fiddleback Eucalyptus Exotic Wood

Collector's Series Maple VLT

One of their Bamboo Series snare drums

DW Drum Pedal 7000 Series

DW Drum Pedal 8000 Series

Also not to forget the famous professional drummers endorsing their product....Abraham Laboriel Jr. The son of Abraham Laboriel Sr. (a briliiant bassist who endorses Yamaha Bass), Mr Abe Laboriel Jr has played for Paul McCartney, Sting, Chris Isaak, Jennifer Love Hewitt, k.d. Lang, Natalie Cole and the ever famous Manhattan Transfer.

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