Thursday, July 24, 2008


Since our wedding last 28th June, I have been worried about Rach's health. Why? Was it me? Did I give her stress? You see.....Rach did not have her menses for quite some time now. Rach was speculating on the possibility of her getting pregnant. Ah??? So fast ar..... we planned to start our own family next year. If the baby comes, our plans might have to be postponed. But as for me, I'm all willing to be a father...ooi I'm already 32 this year. Not getting younger anymore.
So, Rach went over to Watson's to buy a pregnancy test. She tested out negative. Reluctantly she informed me. "Why dear?" I asked. "No lor...if pregnant also good mah. I thought I'm pregnant". Standing beside her, I can sense her dissapointment...but God moves in mysterious ways. We shall wait and see...
After a while, Rach was complaining that she feels uncomfortable and her back was aching. So we decided that she should consult a gynaecologist. So this morning, Rach and I went to Dr S T Chong, one of the famous gynae in Kuantan at 8.30am. The nurse informed that Dr Chong is very busy and if we are ok is we can consult his assistant, Dr Maizatul. After about 1/2 in the consultation room, Dr Maizatul prescribed Rach 2 types of medicine, one for her menses and another for her hormone. As we were about to pay for the prescriptions, Dr Chong wanted to see us....ok lah. In his office, he asked Rach "Wah! Why you want to take medication for your menses? You want to get pregnant now or later.....if you take the med for menses now, if next month never come, you eat again ah?...No need one. Let it come naturally..." and so I said "Ok lah doctor. You the man..". But based on his advise, he needs Rach's blood samples so that he can check for Hepatitis B & A, as well as for Rubella. We need to see him back next Thursday. All in all the consultation fee costs me RM180 bucks. Now I realised that to have a baby is one thing, the cost of producing one is another.......
but anyways, a big Thank You to Dr Chong for advising us. Gladly advertise his clinic to others...
Klinik Dr S T Chong
No. A-2632 Jalan Alor Akar
25250 Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel No. 09-5672928 / 5673928
Fax No. 09-5679757

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