Wednesday, July 30, 2008


!!!???@@@### Screw you! wtf!! asshole!!!
How many times do you swear in a day? As for me, countless. I know, i know.....a christian is not supposed to swear. But I cant help it at times. It just comes out. When im with my chinese friends.....lan, tiu, niamah, niaseng...with my malay buddies....pukimak, tokmu, brengsek...whereas for my english bros.....fuck, asshole, shit. And there are tonnes more that you cant even imagine. Back in my younger days, my friends and I would sit down and create vulgar words for the "gang" to use :)..
Now working, it got worse. I tend to end almost all my sentences with at least one vulgar word. I even almost said the "f" word to a customer...not that I was angry or such. IT'S CONTROLLING ME!!!! lol..
So, in order to curb this infectious language disease, I made a plan. I made an agreement with a buddy of mine, Bigdaddy Khairul, that whenever he's around and whenever he hears me swear, he'll give me a punch. Not to the face though.....just on the arm. But I swear he hits me just for
Sometimes i did the "f" word began, where it originates, why cant we say it in public. wtf!!! okok....this'll be the last wtf! i use in my blog.....alamak! ter-use again :P uncontrollable...*grin*


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Calvin. I'm not exactly an angel too when it comes to vulgarism. I swear every damned day too! And once in awhile, you can see it in my writing too. And it's getting worst that it'll make a drunken sailor blush like a school girl. :-P

How to stop swearing? For me, i don't know. There are so many things that's going on in Malaysia that gives me so much reason to swear. Swearing gives me some sense of relief sometimes. I know ....i know. It's bad. But really can't help it.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

....i guess, i'll keep on swearing then lol.

Gallivanter said...

Use fish or some other word to replace your vulgar word. You'll end up laughing, or get people laugh at you. Like, what the pappadom!

Bigdaddy said...

Hahahahha.. am glad to be of help, calvin. Being able to hit you is a bonus to my day man... Plus I know you like the pain, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...gallivanter... that would be 'what the fish?' or 'papadom u?'

ahahahaha that's funny lah.

Clef whispers to bigdaddy
" Eh, Calvin enjoy being hurt? OMG, is he a masochist?"

I pity Calvin, please don't hit too hard, bigdaddy. He's kesian enough la. If we don't swear in Malaysia, we can actually go gila. Just see what's going on around us. Tis raise, that raise, sodomy, C4ing, UMNO getting on their knees with marriage proposal to PAS.... all the things going on around me makes me want to swear like a drunken sailor!

Btw, bigdaddy, I cannot afford to go to your blog too much, because it makes my stomach sing! Everytime go to ur blog, sure hungry wan!:-(

Bigdaddy said...

Hahahaha.. clef, no worries, I "take care" of our rainman... if my blog makes you hungry, it has served its purpose.. hehehehe... thanks!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

bigdaddy : if you hit me too much, then i'll really turn into a masochist. dont forget the candles and the whip...whooosssshhh!!! who's my bitch

clef : very true. if i dont swear, i'm not my trueself...we have to be original!!! see, see, im myself again. bd, if you hit me again, i'll shove your head into zarni's ass (quote

gallivanter : hahaha....tried already. but instead of fish, i've tried "fudge". sounds funny...the original still sound better wtf!!

Pete said...

Ha Ha use fish! Can use Aiya 'bedukang' (a kind of ikan duri, anglers hate because they always sapu finish the bait) LOL

Calvin Soo KJ said...

Pete : lol.....bedukang. hmmmmm, have not heard of this fish before. edible?

Anonymous said...

LOL... Malaysia Boleh! Boleh swear! Adeeihhh!

Anonymous said...

swearing is already parts of malaysia culture.
majority of us can't really survive without swearing.

while for customer, u still can use the "f" word, just dun use it in front of them, then can already. hahahaha

There was a quotes that I know since i was very young and i keep on remember it.

That is:

"No Fuck No Life!
Fuck For Survive!"

the word "fuck" here i mean is not the sexual fuck, but it means, use the "f" word to release tension, we can live longer this way. it is recommended by psychologist anyway.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield : hahaha....true, very true....thanks for the comments.cheers.

Anonymous said...

Yoz! garfield is here too. o.O

Eh, yahorr, never fuck, how to have babies harr? I never thought it that way.

Pete said...

When u see bedukang better don't eat it. It is a type of ikan duri well known by this name in the northern states. No matter how they cook it the smell will not go away. Those people that stay near the sea will know. Bedukang favorite food is rotten stuff! especially the one near the jamban....Now u can swear.....hah hah

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef : you know garfield? i surfed his site, the header ermmm...very special..hehehe
pete : a fish that eat craps. hmm...sounds like our

Anonymous said...

To Calvin Soo KJ,
a person who always offend ppl like me, using that kind of offensive header is normal lah, hahahah
coz i like the word "wtf" mah

To pete,
is that fish the "DBKL" fish that we always able to see in the aquarium?

fie the elf said...

hahaha i swear a LOT especially when im angry

Calvin Soo KJ said...

fie : angry or not, i swear a lot, even when im happy...guess im a swear addict.

Malaysian Joe said...

its ok to swear when you are angry... no? I am pretty much like calvin.. a swear addict! Although its in my resolution to change.. :) for the past 10 years..

Calvin Soo KJ said...

m joe : yaya.....every year's resolution but always tak menjadi. because all my buddies swear a lot...too much