Monday, July 21, 2008

Food, food and more food...

Everyone walloping the Baba n Nyonya dishes

Front top : Sate Bakwan, Sambal Naneh, Masak Buah Keluak, Chap Chay and ordinary vegetables.

The delicious "Masak Buah Keluak"
Calvin !!!!! Tumbuk sambal belacan !!! tak pandeh tumbuk sambal lar....pi potong naneh !!! - (typical nyonya conversation).
My mom is a 100% nyonya. I on the other hand is a half breed, 50% hainam and the other baba. We converse in Bahasa nyonya most of the time and poor Rach had to quickly learn the language otherwise it will be at her dissadvantage...(we can talk at her back mah...hehehe)
Just so you know, mom offered some of our church friends for a feast of original Baba n Nyonya delicacies weeks back. Before my wedding, mom called some of our Singaporean relatives to buy for us Buah Keluak (not sure if it is spelled this way).....a flower seed (kinda like a black shell) used in one of the dishes. I did not have the chance to enjoy this particular dish since my grandma passed away years ago. We were hunting for this "Buah" all over Malaysia but did not find any. I was told that it only grows on mangrove type of trees in Indonesia.
OMG, the tedious work that had to be done just for this took almost a week for the preparation but only 1/2 hour for it to turn into
Mom invited only 2 families, basically the Francis Tan family as well as the Peter Koo family. Bro in law started with a thanksgiving dinner and its wallop time everybody.
Also not forget mentioning the other dishes....sambal naneh (nenas pronounced in nyonya), sate bakwan (pork! of course), and chap chay.....after a long and rigorous session of stuffing ourselves to death.......burp!!!
Time for fellowshipping. So i took out my Bali coffee, Bali ginger tea, Alline brought some keropok and we tortured our stomachs again. Desserts were delicious Dragon fruit and we all had "lipsticks" on by the time the fruits were ate up. Fellowship time was basically talking of funny stuffs and food (like we didn't had enuff !!), but changed the topic to demons and evil spirits. Sis and the others shared on those scary and victory moments and how we should prepare ourselves for "the Battle" against the evil ones. All in all, our fellowship ended at about 1am. We had an enjoyable time and looking forward for the next. Mom said there will be another in 2 weeks time, of course with different dishes......mouth already watering...cheers.


Pete said...

Good post Calvin, Reminds me ok cooking with my grandma. I am from a baba family too.

PerutBesi said...

CALVIN SOO!! I wanna eat those food as well!! Looking at those pics make me miss Kuantan EVERY SO BADLY!! Ergh...I've no idea when I can go back again :( I wanna go I wanna go...God willing, I'll be there before Oct! If not, earliest IS Oct...darn :(