Friday, July 18, 2008

Movies : Hancock

I've always enjoyed watching movies by Will Smith. Ever since The Prince of Bel Air till today, Will Smith has been one of my favourites. Last Sunday, I suggested to Rach that we should bring along Low Giong ( for a movie, since his darling is away in Europe. We decided that we should all watch Hancock...(initially wanted to watch Hellboy 2, but the tickets were all sold out).
For all you avid fans of Will Smith, the dude did not dissapoint at all. His facial expressions and his "tidak apa" attitude throughout the movie, made him one cool dude that everybody loves. Now back to the movie. It's all about being a superhero with an attitude, if you don't like me...then to hell with you. All in all, the movie was captivating and visual effects superb. A must go for all Will Smith's fan.
Will Smith trivia :-
Do you know that Will Smith earned a whopping USD80m in 2007, beating stars like Tom Cruise and Tobey Maguire (Spiderman)

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