Monday, June 23, 2008

On annual leave o'redy....yeeahoooo!!!

Monday is always associated with laziness, blues and I-wanna-hit-somebody-today day. Well, as for me.....ANNUAL LEAVE BABY!!!! However, due to my lack of attention and "bodoh"ness, I did not complete some task on my wedding preps. Things to do today :-
1. Go to the Customs office and get back my passport....o'redy 2 weeks renewed but didnt go and collect.
2. Confirm my wine booking for my wedding dinner
3. Confirm the restaurant booking with Mexica Restaurant on the 25th.
4. Purchase bus ticket for Ruth back to KL on the 29th.
5. Book 3 hand bouquets of flower for wedding day.
6. Confirm booking for canopy in Kemaman for Rach's family luncheon.
The list goes much things to do, so little time to spare. OMG!!!
I was in office this morning and my Friendster's profile reminded me of Ayu's birthday. Didn't manage to get her anything. Back in office, Khairul managed to not persuade, threaten Ayu to buy us lunch. So 9 of us ended up in Pizza Hut, East Coast Mall. Only managed to get 3 photos. Poor Ayu forgot that she brought her camera
Joke of the day :-
Rich Texans are fabled for their grand style but when one oil tycoon appeared at a local British golf course followed by a servant pulling a foamcushioned chaise-longue, his opponents thought that this was taking style too far. "J. R., are you going to make that poor caddie lug that couch all over the course after you?" he was asked. "Caddie, my eye," explained J. R. "That's my psychiatrist."

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