Monday, June 16, 2008

Time is of the essence..

..................Neng. Got nothing much to write bout you today. But if you're reading this blog, I can only comment you on one thing. Whatever ways you try to do, whatever means you're tried still suck at golf.....heheheh :P
14 June 2008
1. Got up early as usual to send my darling to work.
2. Went to have breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam with Rach and mum.
3. Went to Starbucks at about 12.30pm when the sun was damn hot. IE sucks as well.
4. Went back home and slept all day.
15 June 2008
1. Got up early again for church as usual.
2. Was the worship leader (Jessel's back from honeymoon).
3. Went out to Megamall to shop for wedding attire and shoes (Kuantan really really sucks at this!). Didnt manage to buy any but ended up buying a running shoe (nike btw....looks good on me, heck...anything looks good on me!)
4. Fetch Rach back from work at 8.00pm. Ended up late b'cause some freakin' guy brought his gf for facial late. Luckily didnt curse out loud b'cause the customer was my ex-classmate...talked for about 30mins and cabut back home. Had McD again...miserable.
5. The ushers for my wedding was all at home discussing. Thank God for their help.
6. Slept at about 1.ooam.
BORING !!!!!
Countdown timer till my BIG DAY !! 12 more days to go.
Joke of the day :-
A young couple get married and go on their honeymoon. They quickly head to the bedroom to consumate their marriage for the first time, as the man gently lays his young bride on the bed she looks deep into his eyes and says " i have a confession to make", this is not the first time i have had sex, a few years back I met Tiger Woods at a bar and we went back to his room and made love. I can understand that the man replied, Tiger is talented, rich, famous and hamsome, shit, I’d do him too. So the young couple get down to it and when they finished the man got up and went to the phone. "What are you doing ?" she asked. I’m ringing room service I’m famished. "Tiger wouldn’t do that" she said. What woud he do? he replied. " Tiger would make love me again". So off they went again, once again the man got up and moved towards the phone. "Tiger wouldn’t do that, Tiger would make love to one more time she said. So once again the man goes back to bed and makes love, as they finished for the third time the man got up and picked up the phone. " Are you going to ring room service" the girl said "NO" said the man "I’m ringing Tiger Woods, I want to ask him what par this hole is".

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Mohd Zarni Rozali said...

dude, eventhough my new baby blog is still under construction but i can feel it man!!!! i will rich by this end of the year!!!!