Friday, June 13, 2008

Another blogger in the making....

Late in the evening, Zarni, one of my office mates came to me and said "Woi Calvin. Macammane nak blog. Aku pun nak blog jugak. Nko ingat nko je boleh blog. Aku punye blog lain sikit. Nak komen pasal golf. Nko tolong aku." And so, being the gentleman than I am, I said "Ok. Nko mai lah pc aku. Pc nko lambat macam tuan dia juge."
And so it began a journey of another blogger in the making.....the saga continues (will add on his blog is completed....neng aku mesti kutuk nko macam giler.....:p
Today is my emo day. Dont know what got into me. Guess even men have their so called "period pain" moments. Got a mail from a colleague stating that our PM might turn over his position to the current deputy. OMG......even worse blunder. Not that I am want to procrastinate the government but with BN still hovering above our heads, problems will worsen becoming disasters. Blrrr.......what's happening to our beloved country.
I was talking to one of my buddies thru the phone last week and he said that he will be staying in Canada for good. Another pal going off......leaving me alone to rot in Kuantan.
Countdown ..... 15 days to go till the BIG DAY. Am i really ready to take on the new challenge? Without a doubt ..Yes.....YES... YESSS !!! Most men are all jittery when it comes to marriage. Am I ready? Will I be a good daddy? Will I be a good husband? Will my in laws take control over my family? Well.....all these will be answered when you get married. There comes a time in a man's life, when you have to stop and listen to the world around you. "Hello kawan, you sudah umur berapa? Tak mau kahwin lagi kah? Nanti you kahwin lambat umur 60 tahun, lu punya anak baru 25 wor...." Yup, he's right. Time is running out. With the recent petrol hike, everything will be up. Wedding costs more expensive, you cant afford to go for your honeymoon and your children's education is rocketing high. Why Oh Why???
Bible verse of the day :-
"For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.." - Job 19:25
Joke of the day :-
4 catholic ladies were having coffee together, when one of them said "My son is a priest. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him Father."
The second lady chirps "My son is the Bishop. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him Your Grace."
The third Catholic women says smugly "My son is a Carninal. When he walks in a room, everyone calls him Your Eminence."
The fourth women quietly sips her coffee...the first women asked her "Well..??"
She replied calmly "My son is a gorgeous 6f2inches tall, well built, hard bodied stripper. When he walks into a room, people say "OH MY GOD..."
Dumb pick up line of the day :-
"Can I read your T-shirt in braille?"

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