Friday, June 6, 2008

It's Friday....yay!!!

A week has gone and its Friday......time to get loose !!
Tomorrow is Jessel's wedding...alas...the old man is getting married. Don't get mad at me bro This weekend is pretty hectic. I'm one of Jessel's bestman, I'm also his driver, I'm also his MC for the wedding dinner and I will also be singing for his wedding reception. Whew!!! That is a load of job for a day...and not forgetting, I'm the liturgist for church the next day too. The week after that, I'll have to take on as worship owe me big Jessel...hehehe :)
It's 2 days till the UEFA EURO 2008. Guess i'll be getting eye bags and a sore throat for the countless days of sleep lagging. Well, the Englishmen are not in the game but 23 English refs are. My fav teams to go for the finals are definitely Portugal and Italy. No bets please....:p
Back to Malaysian issues... fuel price? Definitely not the main cause of fear....but what other effects that will take place after the increase. The consequences? Food price going up, water, electricity, clothes......and almost everything else!! Like I said before....gaji tadak naik....cham lor. What to do? Find ways to cut pooling? buy a motorcycle? walk to work?
Road tax to be cut further....what the heck for? Once a year issue....cut the AP for cars is a better option. The STAR published these today :-
Ways you can save petrol (fuel savings tips courtesy of Shell Malaysia)
1. Drive smoothly - try not to drive aggressively....yeah right ! define the word aggressive
2. Use higher gear - they are trying to say...when you start your car, try to shift to gear 4 is it?
3. Tune and service you engine - how well can you determine your car is finely tuned or not...unless and of course you are driving a BMW or a Merc.
4. Keep your tyres at the right pressure - this one no comment..hehehe
5. Avoid carrying excess weight - they are trying to say..."Dont take your heavy ah mah for shopping, leave her at home"....
6. Keep the windows closed - this one also no comment
7. Take the roof rack off - what the heck?? Your cars all got sunroof ah? JPJ can approve ah?
8. Use the correct oil - define correct oil...Oi kawan, dont tell me we put in diesel for petrol cars?
9. Cruise control - this one thinks that all cars got cruise control ah? My car only Iswara lar...
10. Avoid excess idling - this one is trying to say, when you stop your car whilst waiting for someone, off the engine. Suggestion, why not stop at traffic light also stop your car engine.....??
Whatever it stop and think of ways of cutting fuels yourselves. Different people has different ways. Kiter semua dah dewasa. You may also want to try the ones here but......(sendiri mau fikir lah)...
Bible verse of the day :-
"Blesses is the man that endures temptation, for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, of which the Lord has promised to them that love Him.." - James 1:12

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