Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rush hour

Due to lack of time, my blog will be in point form (sigh!!!) :-
Got up early.
Send Rach to work as usual (today will be at East Coast Mall)
Went shopping for my wedding stuff, got 4 shirts (blue w cuff links, dark blue, white and dark purple). Planned to wear the white one with a dark purple tie during receiption, and the dark purple one with black coat at nite - (RM650-00)
Shoes - Polo (RM236-00)
Curtains - cloth from Ikea (RM250-00) + sewing cost (RM36-00)
New underwear - RM24-00 (told you Chinese custom really waste of money)
Dark purple tie - RM85-00 (Pierre Cardin)
2 black ties for the bestman and groomsman - RM45-00 x 2 = RM90-00
All in all, total cost < RM1K (just in one morning........I'm gonna be broke in no time)
* Afternoon
Went to SSF to get the small little baskets for confetti (during the wedding march) - RM1-90 x 14 = RM26-00
Went for lunch with mum - RM28-00 (ini tadak kira lor....mother mah)
TOTAL Cost todate = RM23,500-00....omg (pokai already, have to eat grass and tree bark for tomorrow)
Went to church to help the youths for MYF Sunday. Played bass...(i'm getting better and better each week...hehehe)
After fetching Rach from work, went to the celakak boutique who did Rach's nite gown. According to Rach, its ok already. Only need a little bit of adjustments and voila!! should be good.....repeat, should be good. No Good !! Burn the shop and kill the owner. No sell the owner's body parts to Thailand and get some money... :P
No jokes and cartoons today...busy, busy

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