Thursday, June 12, 2008

Johnny's Thai Steamboat

Baby enjoying!!

Johnny's set menu
Today, I would like to recommend those in Kuantan who have yet to visit Johnny's Thai Steamboat, East Coast Mall. Just to note that the food there is excellent!!! Their workers are mostly non Malaysian, partly Bangladeshis as well as Myanmarians. One would not expect much service from these people due to the lack of our local languages, but mind you, their service are excellent...The following conversation occured whilst being seated (mind the broken engrish) :-
Waiter : Evening sirrrr....table for two.
Calvin : Yes please.
Waiter : (holding out his right hand with his left behind, and all the time bowing) Please follow me sir..
Waiter : This is you menu sir. Wud you want order now or later sir?
Calvin : Can you give me 5 minutes?
Waiter : Of course sir.
(after 5 mins)
Waiter : Excus me you want order now?
Calvin : Yes. Can you give me your dinner set for 2 (RM29-90).
Waiter : Yes, of course sirr. You want to add dish sir? This one very gud, this one also, and this one also.
Calvin : (Because the waiter is so eager to help) Erm....ok.
Waiter : (should take this fella to do cross selling in the bank lar)....When yu wait for cook, you want try honey chicken wings? Very dericious. Very cheap. Only RM3-90 for 3 piece.
Calvin : (also because I was hungry) Ok. I'll try those as well.
All this happened in just 5 minutes. My drinks were served and so was the dishes in just over 7 minutes. You ask, sure or not? They that fast meh? Today, I challenge those who has doubts to go and try. Proven time and again, I've been there for 3 times and no change. After dinner.....
Calvin : Excuse me, can i have the bill please?
Waiter : Of course sir.....(comes back in 10 seconds) How was the food sir? Is it okie?
Calvin : The food was excellent. Thank you.
Waiter : Thank you sir. Please come again.
The bill ended up RM80-00. But with that kind of service, I wouldnt mind to pay a little extra, would you? Also be informed that this was practiced even during the weekends when the mall is packed. Doubtful you may be, I've never come across a Malaysian restaurant with that kinda service, unless and of course, you go to a 5 to 6 star restaurant and end up paying hundreds of ringgit. In conclusion, GO AND TRY JOHNNY'S THAI STEAMBOAT IN EAST COAST MALL.....:)
Bible verse of the day :-
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass away..." - Mark 13:31
Lame pick up lines of the day :-
"I only have 3 more months to live.....sob sob"
Joke of the day :-
"There once was a millionaire who collected alligators. He kept his pets in the pool at the back of his mansion. He also had a beautiful daughter who was single. One fine day, he decided to throw a huge party and announced "My dear guests, I have a proposition to make. If anyone should survive swimming across my pool with the alligators to the other side, you shall either be rewarded with one million dollars or my daughters hand in marriage". Suddenly, he heard a huge splash in the pool and saw a man swimming with all his might to get to the other end. The crowd was cheering for him and he kept swimming so hard as though he was running for his life. Finally, he got to the other side with minor cuts and bruises. The millionaire impressed said "Young man. I have to keep my word, which would you have. A million dollars or my beautiful young daughter as your wife". The man stared at the millionaire and said "Sir, I do not want your one million dollars nor your daughter. I ONLY WANT THE PERSON WHO PUSHED ME IN THAT WATER!!"

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dude, u shud try nasi ayam mualaf then. Pist.. mintak dunhil satu?