Friday, March 20, 2009

Woof !! woof !!

Our new addition to the family. This cutest lil thingy is a Miniature Schnauzer (from the terrier family).Initially, we've thought of naming him "Milo". But since mum was against naming her "cucu" after a beverage, we settled with "Benji" after the great Benjamin Franklin (I hope he didn't mind :P).
Mum was against the idea of having a dog in the house coz she was worried sick about tidiness, cleanliness but above all, her precioussssss.......orchids, roses etc. "And who will collect his shit!!!" said mum. But since my sis will be moving out, with me and Rachel working, she might end up bored to death at home. She made up her mind so suddenly at home when she called me and said "Boy, mum's gonna buy a puppy". Huh??!! And it was so sudden., I couldn't let my mum pay all. So being a considerate chap, I paid half. 
We were contemplating whether to take a Yorkshire Terrier which will cost us a hefty RM2.8K, or a Jack Russell Terrier which was about the same price, not including the pup's de-worm jab and all other stuffs.
Benji cost us around RM1.6K, pure breed with a certificate. His dad's a blue ribbon Schnauzer from Germany and mum was a home-maker. Dog??? Home-maker??? Which purely means that his mum's job is to get pregnant and deliver pups. Ok, ok.....I made that all up. Gotcha didn't I...hehehehe. But the price and cert is totally, totally true. Enuff about me blabbering about the breed and just feast your eyes on these photos............

Benji playing in his bed.

We bought a rubber bone for him to chew on. Mischievious fellow.... :)

We observed that these were some of his character. "Attentive Benji"

"I'll bite every freakin' thing in this house Benji"

"I'll bite...and, and I'll bite summore Benji"

"Told'ja I'll bite summore Benji"

"I'm tired of biting Benji"

"...oh, and forgot to tell you I like to sleep Benji"

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Benji"
Isn't he the cutest lil darn thingy on the face of this earth??


kruel74 said...

Hey... I got that same basket from IKEA for my cats. They don't sleep in it though, they use a much smaller bakul I got as hamper...

Pete said...

Cute Benji, Miniature Schnauzer are very noisy pet. Love to have a dog as pet maybe a Labrador.

fufu said...

benji is damn so cute!!! but no cheap to have a pet nowadays ya >"<

Anonymous said...

OMG.... my heart just melt. But I think you need to clean Benji's ears often.... looks like can easily get infection. o.O

Hmmm... I wanna doggie too, but then again, I'm living in a condo, cannot have one. i would have gone for a cute Husky tho! Growl...fierce and can bite thief for me!

Shinky said...

Kawaii desune~ But why did he keep on biting eh? You din't feed him issit? :P

Rashai said...

Benji.. reminds me of a smart dog from an old TV series.
Love doggie too, but can't afford to have one in my apartment, here it's against the rule lucky you!

Anonymous said...

cute ..... but with 1 toddler and a baby to look after, dogs is a no no for me.

Josephine said...

So cute! small and cute!!!

Anonymous said...

eehhhhhh VERY CUTE! XD

Celine Mook said...

Benji is so so so so cute!!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kruel74, ya. i got it from ikea. got it blue coz he's a male...hehehehe. wouldnt want benji to sleep in it yet though, he still shit everywhere :P

pete, he is quite noisy. gotto train em when he's about 5-6 months old.

fufu, cute like the master lo.... :)

clef, too bad. everyone should have a wife treat me as a pet before benji...hehehehe. maybe you can treat yours too, manja more often...agoogoo :P

shinky, puppies are like our babies. benji is now teething, so him gums are rather itchy. so he bites just about everything... :)

rashai, maybe some day you'll have one.

chrisau, not just yet. wait when they're a lil bit older. my youngest niece is about 5 years old, so shouldnt be a problem. its cute to see her and benji playing about. :)

josephine, this type of breed is a miniature one. so the biggest it can go in length is about 30-40cm. easy to bring out in a doggy bag.

kenwooi, cute ler.... heheheh

celine, go get one lo. but you'll soon take more time off him the puppy that your hubby. like rachel and me,.....she spends more time playing with him

Lisalicious said...

aiya cute lah, so cute .......

hahahaha i like his coat shiny and healthy one

Chris said...

this is the dog i want next !!!! :D

reanaclaire said...

hey, i wanna know how to toilet train the doggie.. my labbie labrador ah...shits 3 times at least per day...poor me, i hv to pick up each morning before i go to work, after work and before i go to sleep.. tired..
oh..peeing? i use mop countless times per day.. sigh.. how to train, i also dont know.. maybe difficult also cos i m not at home when she pee and poo...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

lisa, like me or not....:P for now, the pup's coat is shiny coz we only give him liver tablets for his meals. when he gets much older, then we have to brush more often to maintain. lotsa work man......

chris, this miniature schnauzer is kinda difficult to come by. we jumped at the chance. there were quite a number of potential buyers but we got him 1st. they even offered up to rm2k but no way hosey... :) thanks for dropping by.

reana, for benji we know his timing. after meal, usually 30 to 45 mins he would want to poop. so we'll bring him to the back and he usually poops at his spot. off and on, he would poop in his cage. as for peeing, since he's still so young, its kinda hard to train. but 4-5 months old pup would be easier. takes a lot of hard work and patience, and it would all sum up. :)

amoker said...

i love the handphone shot.

arty arty

Calvin Soo KJ said...

amoker, heheheh. thanks. that was my mum's hands btw. :)

PerutBesi said...

I'm SO gonna "puppynap" ur Benji!!!! I WANT A DOGGIE LIKE THAT TOO!!!! I'll get to see him next week when I'm in Ktn, right??? :D Gives me more reason to go back to Ktn more often now....muahahahahaha....