Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Horizon Garden Restaurant, Kuantan

The bank had an appreciation dinner tonight for last year's achievements, and yours truly was invited to fill his half filled stomach.....half filled tummy coz I had kopi-o about an hour before dinner. So, merrily the groupie hopped over to New Horizon Garden Restaurant located at Sri Dagangan 2 opposite Berjaya Megamall. And of course, being an addict to photography, I would not miss the chance to shoot at the delicious foodies.


The spread......


Hot plate toufu....a lil bland. Some of the toufu were halved and presentation was on a downside. But generally okay.


Fried garoupa with sweet and sour sauce....personally, one of my favourite. But it could do with a lil bit more meat




I love their clear thomyam seafood soup. But since the food were presented at the same time, it turned cold. It was good, but not great.


Fried kailan with every other fried kailan.


Fried prawns....we could do with bigger prawns.


Fried squids with dried chilis.....these were good. I had most of the helpings, like I always do :)
What I like about this place is for one, it is you can bring over your Muslim friends over. Secondly, they also have dinner sets like Pizza Hut do :-
Set A (servings for 2-3 pax)
4 dishes + Rice + Chinese Tea + Mixed Fruit @ RM57 nett
Set B (servings for 4-6 pax)
5 dishes + Rice + Chinese Tea + Mixed Fruit @ RM87 nett
Set C (servings for 7-9 pax)
6 dishes + Rice + Chinese Tea + Mixed Fruit @ RM137 nett
Set D (servings for 10-12 pax)
7 dishes + Rice + Chinese Tea + Mixed Fruit @ RM187 nett
The groupie had additional Kopi-O after dinner at Kemaman Kopitiam and we headed home filled to the brim......*burrrrppppppp!!!*


renaye said...

the food looks yum. i think i would just gobble all of them if i'm hungry.

Agnes Sim said...

wow... foods again oh! I'm so hungry la~~~

Josephine said...

I like Clear tomyam compare to the normal tomyam. Maybe it is less oily gua...

fufu said...

wow... all seafood??!!!!!! kidnap me and bring me along with you next time ok?

Shinky said...

I thought the fish like goreng burung at first... ^.^;; =.=Swt

Chris said...

Looks yummy ler... Keke.... I think Kuantan got a lot of nice foods also...

amoker said...

Sheesh.. i am stupidly hungry after seeing the pics.

Anonymous said...

Aiyor...less than rm200 for 7 dishes plus fruit! Where to find? Wah...why ur bank so cheapskate one? Annual dinner so cheap one! Hahahahaha!!!

foongpc said...

Agree with Suituapui, your bank so cheapskate meh? Should dine in a better place, like Mandarin Oriental KL or something like that lah. Haha!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

renaye, you and so can everybody else :)

agnes, food again other ideas to blog about....hehehe

josephine, me too. the red ones are usually with a thick layer of oil.....fat fat lor.. :)

fufu, ok *kidnapping* :P

shinky, i took the picture at a different angle. so, it looked like fried burung.. :P

chris, there are some good food in kuantan. but still cannot compare to the variety in kl.

amoker, can one become stupidly hungry ka??? hahahaha

stp, it isnt an annual dinner, but sort of like an impromptu dinner. got makan better than nothing ler.... :)

foongpc, this wasnt an annual dinner. just some small gathering of appreciation. if annual dinner like this, you'll be sure id post it in the newspaper :P

nhayatiz said...

mmm...just drop to correct menu for fried prawn...actually it's name is butter prawn la bro :p

LaLa mhdnor said...

delicious, i must go there bcoz i'm at kuantan right now :)

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