Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Women who smokes....an irritating sight!!!

Women are beginning to make a name for themselves in this dog eat dog world. They are not only competing amongst themselves but with men as well. Where some countries in the world, or for that matter some states in Malaysia considers women as only a maid at home, I personally have the highest regards to working women and mothers. Without a doubt, they are even more hardworking compared to their spouses....doing laundry, preparing dinner, fetching their children from school...etc. And they have the most wonderful gift that God has blessed them with that we men cannot. Going thru 9 months of carrying a baby and the pain and agony of delivering one.
The question is this. Has this effected their social life. Most definitely. Working women often compare themselves to men. If you can do it, so can I. If you can drink a glass of beer, I'll take two. If you can drive a sports car, I'll join in a racing team. If you can smoke a pack of cigarettes, I'll smoke two. The list is endless. Why all the fuss about comparing with men if you know you can do better then them.
Smoking among women has been a norm nowadays. In fact, it has been going on for ages. I remember when my grandmother used to ask me to buy her cigarettes.......White Horse label, if Im not mistaken. Back in the ol days, we would mostly see the older generation smoking. These days, the younger generations....as young as 15, happily smoking behind their school backyard. Though the govt has been increasing the cost of cigarettes by almost 20% to 30% every year, yet the number of smokers, especially women has been increasing by the day.
GAYA, MUTU, KEUNGGULAN......That's what Dunhill has to say. Advertisements on healthly living has been posted thru the net, billboards and magazines and yet no one seem to take heed of its call. I asked one of my girl-friends, why smoke? What can you get by smoking? She replied....."You guys can smoke, why cant we? We dont ask fags from you, so why busybody?" I felt like smacking her in the head.
This is an outrage, an eye-sore. Its a damn irritating sight!!! It makes me wanna puke!!! I get even more agitated when I see a pregnant lady who smokes. Is it because of STRESS, WORKING PRESSURE......these are all the bullshit!!! WHY OH WHY!!!!...@@#%!$$@


Pete said...

Everyone should stays away from cigarettes. No benefits at all , some more polluting the air. If feel stressed up, just go fishing, ha ha. LOL

cleffairy said...

Go and tell that to my husband. *snarl* he one day makan one pack of cigarettes! Cannot tahan! Eh... Gaya Mutu Keunggulan is not Perillys ahhh?? LMAO... I also cannot tahan women who smokes, really sakit mata!

Zufadlee said...

let them be... nak buat cam ner...

eunice said...

Hello Calvin! Thanks for your visit!

I hate to smell cigarette smoke and the body odour of someone who just smoked! Er... any smokers here? Pls quit smoking to save money and our lives. =P

Kikey Loo said...

i dun like people who smoking..
too bad my father n my brother is smoker...

zarni said...

alo brader? itu malboro light atas u punya meja tu apa?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, no good for health, but good for the economy...lol. the taxes are so high.

clef, i do not have problems with men smoking, i smoke myself...socially. but just cannot tahan seeing ladies smoking. feel like spanking them. double standard huh?

fadlee, cam ner...cam tu ler. oit!!! biler nak gi minum? dah sebulan puasa, biler nak gi photography sama?

eunice, its hard to cut the habit. nicotine patches and gum do not work. ive tried it....will power have to be very strong.

kikey, cant do much about it. usually, when it comes to health problem, then only stop. by that time, already too late.

zarni, aku punye ler.....14 je..hehehe

Jasonmumbles said...

Calvin, cannot be sexist ah! :P

garfield said...

when i read about this, i reminds me about a video i received via chain mail.

it is actually a porn, hope u dun mind i mention about that video.

that video shows a slut smooking with her cibai, damn geli.

anyway, i do not like girls who smoke also, where got guys like females who smoke 1 lar, rite?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

jason, try not to. but beh tahan lar...:P

garfield, that is so sickening. you'll be suprise to know that some idiotic guys encourage their gf to smoke...so that they can continue smoking. sick rite?

garfield said...

those ppl usually is those fuckers who just finish fucked their gf, then leave them.

they never think of marry their gf 1.
other word to say, they are ass holes

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, they all should be whipped and hanged...hahaha. sometimes i wonder, these girls always hang out with those lala chai with coloured hair, tattoo all over, cursing here and there. and they're the pretty ones. i think they watch too much hongkie gangster movies.....bad influence.

Chong said...

Time quit lo.

If you think those girls smoke is bad enough, wait till u see parents carrying small babies (below age 1) and they happily fagging. I saw that and I was like "WTF?!!"

garfield said...

most of these girls are lala mui lah,
it is normal for lala mui hang around with lala chai 1.

iCalvyn said...

women who smoke will give me a very bad impression, but guy who smoke i also don like, better stay away from me