Friday, October 31, 2008

US financial turmoil cartoons

Ever since the States was plagued with financial crisis, the world economy has suffered major setbacks, even Malaysia. Our KLCI has dropped to 800++, and looked like its heading to 600. Here are some cartoons from the states that my good buddy mailed to me this morning. It took me quite a while to digest, but found myself laughing after a few minutes.


Pete said...

Ha Ha, no wonder there are so many panic selling!

Anonymous said...

Calvin, if that's scary US Holloween costumes, Malaysian would be the petrol pumps or the mat rempits! LOL. Imagine a petrol pump kncoking your door asking for sweets or candies or even worst, your money! Sure gives you the chill! Ahaha.

Kikey Loo said...

haha.. those comic are funny! thanks for sharing that. :D

Anonymous said...

Re cleffairy comment, I thought the petrol price has been reduced substantially...and the price in the commodity market is still dropping, now below $70 a barrel...and if the government reduces the price of petrol further, what about all that rebate already paid out? Ask everybodu for a refund? Shouldn't have succumbed to pressure then and made such a snap decision...just for the sake of "popularity".

I like the one about the free market - free indeed! Free fall!!!

Bridge Schmidt said...

Heyah! Do you watch the US Stock Market? The words from these cartoons are true and funny in reality. SPOOF them more! Haha!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, lol.

clef, no lar. i think if they had pak lah or najib's mask on would do the trick...hahahaha

kikey, glad you liked it :)

stp, that one's also my favourite besides the halloween

bridge, i think im not the only one watching over america. the whole world is..:) i have much interest due to the nature of my job, im in treasury, dependant on the world's economy.