Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family time at Handicapped and Mentally Retarded Children Centre Kuantan

As mentioned in my earlier posts, my family and I will be attending a small party made specially for the Handicapped & Mentally Retarded Children Centre Kuantan. Rachel was unable to attend as she had to work......she was grumbling all morning. We reached our destination at 3.15pm sharp. Here are some of the photos taken during our visit :-

Waiting for the party to bro in law in green and sis in white

We got the children involved so that they will see how blessed they are to be normal. They were also involved in the dancing introduction......both my nieces in pink.

Sis helping out with the dance steps

Although handicapped, she sang for us clips of Burung Kakaktua, ABCD, Rasa Sayang....and many more as the party progresses....

Me and Ah Boy.....Aunt Mary warned us of this one...he likes to touch pretty ladies.... :)

My bro in law dancing along

.....and he never stopped... :)

Some of us were guiding them in the dance

This boy in pink was so happy that he jumped and waved at us during the entire party...

Then it was high tea mum helping out with the feeding.

This welcome mural was drawn and coloured by them

These are the children and adults staying in the shelter.....wonder why they call them inmates

The care centre was founded by an ex lorry really ashamed of myself
Donations can be made by form of monetary or items that the children will be using daily. For eg, napkins, rice, flour, vegetables, toothbrushes, cooking oil...etc.

I noticed this on the wall. It states....."When there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time". How so very true.
We adjourned at about 5.30pm. Having attended this party, made me thank God again and again for His countless blessings. We never know how blessed we are until we come face to face with these. Have you thanked God lately?


Pete said...

Nice way to spend your weekend. Good to help them out, to show that someone cares.

Chris said...

We must alwaz keep in mind that they r still a lot of unlucky ppl out there, so learn to be appreciate and willing to help others. Bro, u did a good job. SALUTE U.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Must be a very nice experience. Wish I was there too, Calvin. =.= I only volunteered orphanages as teacher, but never experience volunteering at handicapped centres first hand. I wonder how I'll feel like if I was there...*ponders*

Anyway...did you loose weight? You look like you lost a few kilos!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

pete, this will be my new resolution.....visiting them at least once a month.

chris, try to make use of myself the best that i can. i wont be able to donate money but visiting them and buying food is sufficient, for now.

clef, it was really hard to refrain from crying. and they are so friendly. all of them shook hands with us and thank us for coming. some cried when we went home :( i didnt loose any weight, in fact gained some. i think its the camera

Anonymous said...

I doubt i can refrain from crying. Heck, I'm quite emotional kinda person. A lot of things makes me cry lah.

Really, you din loose weight? Looks like you lost weight. LOL.

Anonymous said...

honestly, i wonder why the signboard put "Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal" and "Mentally Retarded"

dawn syndrome is not mentally retarded,
they are as clever as normal people, it is just their respond is slightly slower due to the genetic error.

i think u should tell them to change the signboard's words as it will be an afford to respect the tenants there and changes the perception of the public to them....

Calvin Soo KJ said...

clef, if i did lose weight, it should be my tummy... :)

garfield, most of the tenant there have autisism. they cant tell right or left, and they can eat as long as you feed them. they cannot think and only do what you ask them to do...some are, but most are not. so to play safe, they put "mentally retarded" as a whole. i'll be going there again this weekend. just to donate some of my clothes.

Rashai said...

Is there any chance for me to donate something for them? I know, I am 7 hours flight from there... not much I could do, but I'd really like to do something.

Roses said...

i wanna attend all these charity events too...i think i have a strong calling towards orphanage and the less unfortunate kids...
but i am still waiting for opportunity...=)

seeing kids in pain in the hospital set me crying.