Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ban this, ban that....what's next?

What a joke. An utter embarassment to the Malaysian public. Clef and Kevin had posted about this and I guess it is my turn.
Why can't "they" turn to other issues besides how Muslim women wear or do. And I thought that we are living in a free country, so to say. Now my Muslim female friends and colleagues cannot wear long pants to work coz it'll make them look like lesbians. And to add to all their mushy toppings, now they cannot even practice yoga even though it's normally practiced for health reasons.
Now, for 32 years living in this country, having to breathe its polluted air stenched with smelly politicians armpits, and having our human rights revoked right from under our nose.....I have never heard of a Muslim woman converted into Hinduism because he/she practices yoga. Its YOGA for crying out loud!!! And if there are, how many cases were there?
Are they trying to offload this so that we the rakyats' attention are diverted from our current economic and political state. Come on man. Focus on more important issues rather than this skank. There are many more issues that you can tackle, for instance Mat Rempits (mostly Malay boys, please do not be offended of this as it is a fact. I dont really see Chinese mat rempits around), Malay couples kissing and groping in the streets (even in KLCC, broad daylight, in public...I saw this with my very own two eyes), babies left on doorsteps (also a majority by Malay couples) and lots more.
The more bans or stupid laws you put upon your own people, the more rebellious they would be. That's the consequences you have to go through. Just face it and deal with it. Not putting on bans and no nos....its foolish and childish.


Kikey Loo said...

aiyo... malaysia getting sick liao~~~

zarni said...

Dude, don’t be too emotional!!! I said it before and I say it again. It’s not the race or the religions faults but the persons themselves. Yoga is good for health by if there is no controlling measure on the implementation such as the operating hours etc... it will end up with total disaster. You need to understand the rational of the action. Don’t just simply jump upside down when you read "sensational" news reported by the media.
Same thing with rempit, kissing in public, baby left a doorstep etc etc..Don’t pointing finger only to one race. I do believe Chinese, Indian or other race have their own social problem. Please visit a few highways in KL Sunday night. You might see Chinese yuppies doing different kind of rempit with their sports car etc.Where is our Chinese or Indian friends clubbing? Social problem is universal problem. So, don’t just grumbling around, let’s help the community by teaching them the good and the bad. Started with ourselves first, our close family then others... I believe that your religion and also my religion wants us to do!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kikey, malaysia has been sick already for 52 years.

zarni, why you emotional bro. im not saying only malays do such things, chinese and indians too. but our govt has been procrastinating on stupid issues like this one. our current economy is down the drain but no one seems to take heed about it. now, what im posting is this.....why cant our govt do other things rather than raising issues like these. to me, its a waste of time, trying to divert our attention to something else. anyways, its just my view not the whole world.....i'll post what i think lar.....rather than concentrating on the issue, why not you belanja me minum :P

Anonymous said...

It's like parents bringing up children. When you tell a toddler not to touch the hot kettle of boiling water, do you think the child will not? As they say, "Forbidden fruit is sweeter."

Josephine said...

No Eyes See...
Lucky I am in SG.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you rant about it too, Calvin. LOL... next thing we know, they are going to say "Hey, no Taichi! Taichi got bla bla bla element!"

My God, really lah! This cannot, that cannot! Really fucked up you know?

I know a lot of people practices Taichi and Yoga for health reason. If praying(Muslim way) alone could make people healthy, then why would we still need to eat, bathe and stuff? Gila lah! Argh! tell those mofos to ban weapon like guns and stuff next time, just because it has Western element. *snarl*

Calvin Soo KJ said...

stp, i like your illustration. hit to the point :)

josephine, you have to be back some day :P you'll be free of this nonsense, at least for a while... :)

clef, how about they ban muslim women from going out the streets. even better that way, solve all problems ... :P

Malaysian Joe said...

Chinese used to be the rempits.. then they thought of safety... so they go for BengWira... however today u see them in 2nd hand Corolla and Civics... most of them in new ones anyway.. richer than me and you.. :).

Zarni is right. YOu read the star today and you see many Malays coming out in defence of yoga as a form of exercise.... I guess the first thing to do is to stop paying salaries to these imams... then they will not have so much free time on their hands to think of idiotic fatwas.

Anonymous said...

One thing that is very popular among the ladies (to slim down and keep in shape)...and leaves less to the imagination than yoga is belly dancing! Ah comes from the Arab it's perfectly all right.

P.S. You and I should be pretty good at that, Calvin. Just wriggle a bit and all the fat will jiggle...Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you dont understand the meaning of fatwa...fatwa only applicable to muslim. non muslim still can practice yoga without any restriction. but for muslim, any thing that can lead the muslim into believing more than one god (ALLAH) or worshiping other thing beside god (ALLAH) is xtremely forbidden and cause the muslim to apostate ( out from islam). This is when the fatwa work, fatwa is the regulation created by the mufti (The lawa maker in islam) after referring the al quran ( The holy book in islam) and sunnah ( The advice and action of prophet muhammad. The banning of yoga is the way to prevent the muslim from apostate ( especially for the xtreme follower of the yoga who practice not only the movement but also the matra)because matra alway worship the hindus god. better ask your fellow muslim friend for the cleasr view of the fatwa and the banning of yoga.