Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taman Gelora shoots....

...and since this morning's weather was perfect for some photoshoots, I headed on to Taman Gelora. But I am saddened by the fact that most Malaysian do not keep our beaches clean. There were scraps everywhere, with tonnes of cigarette buds scattered and plastic bags throwned just right next to the litter bin. It was an eyesore.
But let's cut to the chase. My post today would be the shots that was taken there. Amidst all the litters and rubbish, Taman Gelora still offers a lovely spot for some photoshoots. Here are some of mine




Just look at the rubbish practically everywhere :(


For more of my photoshoots, please view my flickr....cheers y'all and have a jolly good weekend.


kruel74 said...

Good shoot man! I believe you are getting better. Or was it the new camera?

Anonymous said...

wow seriously, i like your shots!
very nice leh!!
especially the focusing.. haha.. =D

reanaclaire said...

wow... what can i say? it is like postcards.. my goodness.. your baby does all that, yeah?

Anonymous said...

It's been some time since I go to a beach... lol... missed the good old days.Nice piccies...