Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photography blog

Of late.....I have runned out of ideas for my blog. Almost 3/4 of my posts were extracted from my mails and only a handful were rants and self thoughts. So, I have decided to evolve this current blog into a photography blog. So you'll be seeing more of my crappy shots often. But every once in a while, I'll post some crappy jokes and rants for your viewing pleasure.
To my avid blog readers, thank you so much for supporting my two cents each and every time I rant. You are a supportive lot and I wish you all the best. And do not worry, I will still have the blogroll and will read your posts daily. But for now, here are some shots taken with the Kuantan DSLR Club (formed in FB) during our 2nd outing this morning. This series of photographs were taken in Padang Lalang, Kuantan in one of the fish market and shipping dock located in Kuantan.
Do give comments ya? Enjoy









claire said...

i can only say..."wa..lau..." how did u do the black and white together one shot.. the man is coloured..the boat is not.. i guess u pro only know how... hehe..

Anonymous said...

looking forward to lots of great art work from u .... btw, I got a new canon powershot sx110 is. DSLR ....i will get one someday.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

claire....did some editing with some software that enabled it. looks great aint it....lolz

chrisau, that another step more step, one more step.... :)

resident.wangsamaju said...


amoker said...

Oh, i love your photo on the malaysian flag. Wonderful photos Kelvin

Calvin Soo KJ said...

resident, thanks :)

amoker, i like it too *beaming* but it could do with more sharpness. i find it a lil blurry though. thanks again

Anonymous said...

Haiyorr... run out of things to blog about? Maybe you can blog about your lovely Rachel... tell us if you oredi went shopping for the baby! or how her pregnancy is coming along... or maybe you can bitch bout those gyne if they mistreat your Rachel! I would love to hear stories bout your impending fatherhood. =D OMG, it's so exciting.... you're having a cute baby~

Anonymous said...

Alamak, lupa pulak...i forget to tell you that i love the first pic! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

too bad, i got no money for a DSLR,
until now i am still using a fully manual SLR which it is at least 10 years older than my son, lol

anyway, ur DSLR is so good!
it makes Nikon fans like me proud!

gogogo Nikon!

zarni said...

frankly speaking, all photo are so plain.. macam skyjuice.. ha ha!! (at least i tell you the truth!!). Without those editing software, it will be really realy really sucks!!!

suituapui said...

To me, all the photos look sooooo....very very nice! Btw, how come u never post anything in the devt of ur missus' pregnancy? Got cravings....very temperamental...things like that...

Shinky said...

I like the b&w colour combo too~!
May I know what's the steps in photoshop to do it? You use layering and cropping?

stephy said...

The picture with the malaysia flag is so nice!!! Share the software that lets you do that black and white effect larh... XD