Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's......a NIKON

Most of you know that I am very passionate about photography. I've invested my blood, sweat and tears into my Canon 40D, together with a couple of lenses, speedlights and such. But, one thing disgusts me, or rather pissed me....were the error messages I've received for these couple of weeks. A lot of my buddies informed me that Canon's Service Centre is top notch. Friendly and excellent service. This I have no doubt. But it is time consuming and I had to use my DSLR the whole time.
The Canon 40D was built to last. But its internal hardware/software wasn't. Just imagine yourself shooting at a wedding (the only appointed photog), most shots were candid. Family shots, friends' shots, happy shots, crying shots etc etc would have to switch the camera on and off once it displayed the "error99" message. There were so many shots that I couldn't take, and I was near to banging my head against the wall.
I consoled myself and planned to head on to the service centre once everything is settled. Little did I know that since participating the Nikonian Academy courses (which was 2 weeks back), and having petty conversations with Nikon users, they have not encountered any major problems with their gears. One guy told me that he accidentally dropped his DSLR on the street 2 years back, and it can still be used till this day...without sending in for service. A Nikon body is said to be of like a Nokia handphone, so to speak. You can drop it, you can slam it....but you can still use it.
So, after contemplating the pros and cons, I decided to change my gears to a Nikon. I got a good deal actually. I traded in all my Canon goods for a Nikon D300, 2 lenses, an SB600 speedlight, an extra battery and a battery grip. This is a photo of my current gear :-


and here are some shots taken with our Facebook DSLR-Club Kuantan buddies last Sunday








kruel74 said...

NICE........... Have you try dropping it? Just to test its durability? ;)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

kruel74, you may want to set aside 8grand as a bank guarantee to see me do

fufu said...

yeah...teluk chempedak...had a great time there with my friends!! hihihi...yeah shashiki?? guess what? i knew the founder in japan...he is my junior *dont mind the age*...i am his senior because i went to japan 3yrs earlier than him... we're neighbour also in hiroshima... wahahahha small world?? =p

Anonymous said...

Wow..I didn't know that about Nikon. Yes, Nokia handphones are very durable.

I am a Canon user.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

fufu, aiks??? i tot it was founded in malaysia. the founder is dr kho, another photography enthusiast. all products sold with reasonable price :)

mei teng, what are you currently using.....their new 5d perhaps :)

Rashai said...

Look forward to seeing hot snaps with your new gears then, .. hot chicks again maybe? .. but no self-portrait please.. lmao :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no...I no 5d..that's for pros and I can't afford that. Just started June last yr with a 450d. But I do upgrade, I'll get a 5d :)

Hey, I shop at shashinki too!

suituapui said... take so long to come out!!! Teluk Cempedak...I was there...1986!!! Were you born yet? LOL!!!

Josephine said...

I very regret I never take much photo on beach when i visited BALI.
But suen lah, I don hav a good camera. if I take also the outcome will not be as good as your photo one lah

Calvin Soo KJ said...

rashai, no brad pitt??

meiteng, slow and steady. you'll get your 5d soon enuff. patience is a virtue, no?? :)

stp, the pixel is kinda large. so take longer time lor....aiya, im 32 this year liao. sure lar born already, cikgu.. :P

jo, i never thought i could before. invest in a dslr and learn lor....everyone has to start at some point. not all are born pros try it out. ask ur hubby to invest one for you. you wont regret it :)

Anonymous said...

wah, so long din come here,
now ur photography skills had improve a lot already wor!

nice pics.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield.....bro!!!! long time no see. sorry, i didnt save your new url....finding high and low. how are you man!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Bro..i tot of getting Canon 450D...issit good or Nikon gears better? btw, Im a Canon faithful leh...

Anonymous said...

hahaha, now my url will not change already, b4 this using free sub domain, changed twice, caused me losing lots of traffic.

now i buy a domain to use already

anyway, i'm fine, still alive, not yet die.

Anonymous said...

=.= oih! wud da hell, u guys chatting here kah! LOL... this Calvin, say wanna meet up... til now lesap... lesap to photo course...=.= how's Rachel coming along?

Calvin Soo KJ said...

chrisau, both canon and nikon has its own identities and flaws. if you're comparing a 450d canon with a d60 nikon...both are equally good. the only prob with canon is they have a lot of grey market price for its lens. which makes the price very unstable. nikon has its share of grey imports but not as many like canon. dont take too much comparison on megapixel count. not really important unless you plan to print poster like pictures :)

garfield...choi!! why talk die die lar..neways, good to hear from you. :)

clef, been busy with my photography. gonna do lotsa jobs earning me extra $$. wont be able to come down to kl at the moment. kinda bz with work and my hobby. rach is great. thanks for asking :)

Anonymous said...

@Calvin, by the way, ur blogroll to my blog should change to the new url already, if not ur blogroll cannot update my latest post title, lol.

about SLR, no matter wat, i still prefer Nikon than Canon. Nikon lenses always better than Canon.

Pete said...

Nikon is good camera, but I dislike the software file management system. Overall performance ok!

Pete said...

Nikon is good camera, but I dislike the software file management system. Overall performance ok!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

garfield, will update my blogroll tonite. thanks :)

pete, nikon had upgraded their software now known as NX2...easy to use and can do most of photoshops. give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

haha congrats in getting your new gear!! i thought canon should be good but... lol.. im not sure la.. haha..
great pics! =D

Anonymous said...

ok bro

Nikon always have sharper lens than Canon,
but too bad, for shooting fast images, Canon is still better than Nikon...

Shinky said...

Woot~! Nice gears~
I guess you've converted. :P